Reports from entrants in the 2016 ILLW event. Please send photos as attachments rather than embed them in the email.

Thanks once again to all the entrants for joining in the fun of the Lighthouse Weekend and for making it another wonderful year.


from Amsterdam, the Netherlands:lv12 pa6fun

During the ILLW-weekend PA6FUN likes to activate new and/or hard to get lights. On Friday afternoon Ray PE1GUR and Maus PA3HHT set foot on the Trinity House lightvessel LV12 in the port of Amsterdam for a first time activation of NL0051. This light was on our wanted list for a long time.

In her active life the LV12 (built in 1952) was stationed in UK-waters at Outer Gabbard, Tongue, Humber estuary and East Goodwin sands. In 1954 the LV12 crew could only watch in horror when they witnessed the tragic and notorious sinking of the sister ship South Goodwin LV90 taking the lives of seven crew trapped inside. Decommissioned in 1988 the LV12 soon enjoys a well deserved retirement in Amsterdam.

The PA3FUN team decided to get rid of all unnecessary bulk and go back to basics: two operators, one 500W radio, one inverted-V and one band/mode (40m/SSB). Despite the Olympic Games we could not complain about the activity. Band conditions were not bad either, although QSB could be deep and  - we guess - the nearby airport caused unpredictable scatter bursts switching signals on/off.

For us 1.200 QSO’s was an all time record, that probably is hard to beat in the future. It is not a contest, of course, but new lights are in great demand and it shows that a relatively simple set up can be very effective.

We like to thank every one who took part in the ILLW, particularly those who activated a light and PA6FUN is looking forward to met you again in next years event!



From the Summerland Amateur Radio Club, Australia:-2016BallinaILLW


International Lighthouse, Lightships Weekend - 20 - 21 Aug' We staffed two lights, Byron Bay and Ballina in relatively pleasant weather. Five oprs at Cape Byron had a pleasant active weekend, many tourists and visitors. Eight oprs were at Ballina, Richmond R, some visitors, not as many as BB. Yamba, Clarence R. light was manned by Clarence R membership group, very busy. A good weekend, enjoyed by all. Pic att of the Ballina Set up.





IMG 0466You guys have outdone yourself once again. The organization, updates, web site enhancements, just gets better every year!! We activated from the Verona Beach Lighthouse once again in Central New York, USA. Saturday was picture perfect while Sunday we had to deal with a few thunderstorms. Total of 151 contacts from 16 different countries and solid New Zealand contact using our modified dipole that WB2WGH brought along. I, W2LGA, used my Cushcraft R7 once again which again did a solid job. Rigs were my IC-746pro and Ron’s FT-857. Lots of community support as for the first time we operated from INSIDE the lighthouse! Over 95 people stopped and asked questions about Lighthosues, Lightships, and Amateur Radio!!

                Great job once again guys and we are already planning for next year!!!

Fred Legawiec, W2LGA

Central New York, USA








PA/DL1KVN/LH - NL0010dl1kvn report

Spontanious single op activation of the old lighthouse 'oud kraggenburg' in the netherland. 350 qso's, half in cw, half in ssb. less sleep ;-) even some dx (ZL, 4M4, MP4, VU, BD7...) with my little equipment and a lot of nice qso's. and of course a lot of lh2lh qso's.

ufb and vy interessting historic building. Got a lot of information by the owner, super kindly people, who let me sleep there and giving me beer! and french fries!

I just asked by email: hi there can I activate your lighthouse during the illw. I need power, a place to sleep and a toilet?

The answer was: you are vy welcome, we have everything ;-)

Enough place and high trees for my half size G5RV which i got up abt 10m.

73 Dirk







This year’s INTERNATIONAL LIGHTHOUSE AND LIGHTSHIP WEEKEND special event was well attended by Convair/220 club members and by hams from around the county. This year we activated both the Old Point Loma Lighthouse (US0067) and the Cabrillo National Monument (MN09) as a National Parks On The Air station We had 12 members from the Wednesday HF meet up group stop by to visit, to operate and to enjoy the beautiful views. A total of over 35 operators and visitors participated this year during the two day event. Several expert DX operators from the San Diego DX club were available this year to help us work some of the “deep” pileups that we created on  the 20 meter band. With the cooperation of excellent weather and a moderately good ionosphere, we made over 216 contacts of which 14 were lighthouses. Our bicycle mobile made 15 contacts including one lighthouse in Texas. For our first year on satellite, we made 39 contacts using satellites launched from the US, Japan and Saudi Arabia. We also made 22 contacts on 2 meter simplex using the satellite antenna system.This year we consumed 35 donuts, while one still remains unaccounted for.

Also this year we were fortunate to have several expert photographers from our club that were taking pictures, including some videos. The photo gallery for this year’s event will be posted soon.   For those of you that could not make it to the event this year, the photo that is posted on our Facebook page shows our operating setup overlooking the San Diego Bay. Click on the link below to go directly to the Convair/220 Club Facebook page.


Grassy Hill Light AU0019 FeedbackP8200309

The Tableland Radio Group TRG once again took part in the ILLW for the 12th consecutive year although 2 of our members operated from there prior. This year we flew the Florida USA flag as a mark of respect to one of our members, Bill VK4WL, who went silent key in June.

The TRG traveled the 300 km up to Cooktown, where Grassy Hill is located, and advised the police of our operation on the public place, prior approval had been gained from Cook Shire Council - who are very supportive of our operation and the PR value.

We did an interview on the Australian Broadcast Commission in Cairns on the Saturday morning from our motel room.

We established our inverted V antenna and radios and had our battery charging via solar panel plus a smaller battery with LED lights for night operation. The weather was overcast with some drizzle but did improve during the day but deteriorated during the night - we thought that it was likely that the pergola may be destroyed in the strong winds. We had many contacts with Australian and New Zealand lighthouses and other amateurs - who enjoy working into the lights during the event. Once again the propagation wasn't favorable but there is nothing one can do about that aspect of our hobby and one has to just keep trying even though stations from Europe were heard. ZS1FRC at Table Mountain come in Q5 and S3-5 towards the end of our operation. We had no luck in making distant  contact apart from a contact with LA2FKA  Arnt in Northern Norway.

It is an interesting attribute of this event in that the participants take time to give details of their station - numbers of operators, equipment's, meals consumed, weather and events that have occurred or other lights that have been heard and frequencies etc - it is a refreshing change from the 5-9 and gone.

Our Grassy Hill Light AU0019 was put into operation in 1886 and has operated since. it was automated in 1927 and was sold to the people of Cooktown for $100 after the people of Cooktown successfully fought to prevent their lighthouse being demolished.

We thank the those who organise the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend event as its obvious that by having the WEB site and lists of participants plus PR is a major factor in its success. It must surely be one of the major international Amateur Radio events with over 465 lights/ships and many at each site.


for Tableland Radio Group VK4GHL

From VK3ILH at Port Albert Museum: IMG4349 edited 1

Well what a great little place, Lovely historic port town, with an amazing

maritime museum. Filled to the gunells with history and artifacts, along

with the Citadel Light. President David, a retired Master Mariner full of

stories and information, along with his team of local volunteers. They were

excited that the museum would be activated, and were well aware of the

International Lighthouse Weekend.

Plenty of room in the rear yard, display area for antennas. They even

offered one of their large flag poles for wire antennas. However I opted to

stay with the R5 cushcraft vertical. 20m, 15m 10m. The people down there

were great, even had some local visitors drop in, once the word got around.

I expected with nearby power lines to be induced with noise, but I was very IMG4353 edited 1

surprised and relieved. Quiet as. The radio shack could be established in

the museum or the rear kitchen, an adjoining building with its own access.

So one could operate from the kitchen, all night if very keen.

During the day worked mainly VK and ZL on 20m, late afternoon worked Europe

and USA, just on 100 watts. Down on 15m which did surprise some Japanese. So bands weren't too bad. Across the road the general store that had been converted to a great café and restaurant, Fabulous coffee and cake. Next door to the museum Rondo accommodation, with a choice of cottages.Down the other end of town the old Customs House, now the pub, and at the end of the jetty a sensational fish restaurant.

So if Cape Schanck next year is stilled locked up by Parks Victoria, this is

a good place to be. So we should keep it mind, only 2.5 hours from


Iam keeping an eye on Cape Wickham, if they get accommodation established

there, by next year. May head back there, maybe extend a few days. Its an

inspirational coast, now with a golf course.



 From Faro de la Isla de Flores in Uruguay and the Argentinian Eco Radio Group operating as CV5ER. No report but interesting photos:-

DSCF0033 DSCF0037

 DSCF0041 1 DSCF0044

 DSCF0190 DSCF0547

 cv5er licence

From Edmund M0MNG at Shoreham Lighthouse, England:-shoreham

My first visit to Shoreham Lighthouse (UK0023) came in August 2009, a couple of months before I had even obtained my Foundation licence.

I am pretty sure that I have visited GB8SL every single year since then for the ILLW.  I cannot remember us ever being battered by such strong winds relentlessly for a whole day.  One of the main operators, Pete G4LKW, reckoned that 2007 was the last time we had faced anything even comparable.

I know that by Saturday evening, when I visited, we had managed to work the east coast of the USA and the Middle East - Israel I think.  G4LKW mentioned that we had heard a station in Indonesia on 20 meters during the afternoon.  Sadly trying to break through the pileup would have been a hopeless endeavour... we were not using a beam and running several kW!  I don't know if any of those were lighthouse stations.

By the time I left on Saturday night we had made around 200 QSOs altogether, mainly on 40 meters SSB.  Normally we would have worked more stations by that stage, but the weather had conspired against us.

I worked nine stations using Roger G7VBR's Yaesu FT-857, a couple on 2 meters simplex FM and the rest via the GB3IW repeater (Isle of Wight) on 70cms.  These stations all seemed very happy that we had appeared on those bands.  Not everybody has the luxury of being able to have an HF station at home, and if people are away from home then they are far more likely to have a portable VHF/UHF radio and antenna with them than the HF equivalent.

I am hoping for much calmer weather next year!  I am also going to encourage fellow members of the Worthing & District Amateur Radio Club to really push the boat out for GB8SL in 2017 to celebrate twenty years of the ILLW in its present form.  Things that we could try include operating through satellites, transmitting SSTV, and running a WSPR / APRS beacon, and data modes.

I made a video of GB8SL in 2014, and this year I made another one which encourages amateurs to participate in the ILLW even if it is simply by trying to work lighthouses from their homes. GB8SL features in the new video a couple of times. (2016 video) (2014 video)
Edmund M0MNG

IQ3TS / LH Lighthouse Victory - ILLW IT0011

The lighthouse of our city is since 2000 that we participate in these magical weekend, in this 19th edition available with 20 operators of our Amateur Radio Club A.R.I. "Enrico Davanzo I1DVO" Trieste (northeast Italy) we had occasion to connect different lighthouses although propagation is not the greatest however everyone has had occasion to have fun. Many visitors had the opportunity to attend to radio operations! At the next appointment for the August 2017 weekend.

Louis IV3KAS

DSCF6282 IMG 0368

Das ILLW2016 war für uns, dem Team von  DM2C/LH,  ein Jubiläum. 10 Jahre Teilnahme am Leuchtturm in Moritzburg DE0021 - 500 km fern von der Küste. Dieses Jahr war auch eine komplette Funker Familie Rita, Carsten und Sohn Tim mit vor Ort. Das ist echt ILLW.  Endlich auch wieder mal tagsüber gutes Wetter und Sonne. Aber auch die Bedingungen waren gut. Viele SSB und CW-QSO mit DX-Stationen, insbesondere aus Fernost.  … und viele viele interessierte Besucher

Wir freuen uns auf 2017

The ILLW2016 was an anniversary for us – the team  DM2C/LH . 10 years participating in the Lighthouse in Moritzburg DE0021 - 500 km away from the coast . This year was also a complete Radioamateur-family Rita , Carsten and son Tim in the team. It´s really ILLW!!  During the day good weather and sun . The conditions were good, also. Many SSB and CW QSO with DX stations , especially from the Far East, ….and a lot of interesting viewers.

We look forward to 2017

73 from the TEAM DM2C/LH from SAXONIA

eQSL ILLW 2016 für website img2

 img9 img10



I propose for report like entrants in the 2016 ILLW event, the link of my vidéo :

TM2LW – Kerlede Lighthouse – ILLW #FR0016, by F4ELJ-Dyd & F5OHH-Chris

Thanks for all.




Hi there!  I took drone footage from our setup.  We were station N1EV, lighthouse 00037 I believe?


Christopher Mai


 I made 200 contacts  with ODX  AL7KC on 20 meters working 25 watts on 4 band vertical.  pd0fsb

See you all next year. 73 de pd0fsb. 











 Lighthouse Activity of Amateur Radio Group Bergkamen, Germany DE0073
Michael, DL5YAD presented an idea at the members‘ meeting of the local amateur radio group Bergkamen of the DARC in spring 2016. He proposed to join the international lighthouse lightship weekend - ILLW in August 2016.
He even has already found a very suitable lighthouse location which was not activated during the last couple of years in the ILLW. The desired location was Schleimuende lighthouse DE0073 which is the point where the Schlei Fiord meets the Baltic Sea. The club station DF0VK was quickly registered for this lighthouse.
The only challenge is that the so called ‘Lotseninsel’ is on the top of a promontory and can only be reached by vessel. The overland route cannot be used because it is a huge bird sanctuary where trespassing is forbidden. Fortunately, there was no problem to reach the lighthouse with Michaels sailing vessel ‘Onassis’ via the Schlei Fiord. Volunteers were easily found: Three members of the local amateur radio group Herbert DF7DJ, Martin DF1DN, Michael DL5YAD and furthermore Matthias to strengthen the boat crew, joined the team.
Friday 19th of August we met at the harbour of Kappeln. About 4:00 PM the team started with direction Schleimuende but unfortunately there was no mooring available. Grudgingly we had to stay at the port of Maasholm only 3 sm away. Saturday morning, we started the next trial und we were lucky to get a mooring close to the lighthouse.
The first couple of cw qsos were already made when approaching the harbour with qrp and the isolated backstay was used as vertical antenna. Once we tied up the sailing vessel at the footbridge we made some more qsos with the backstay whereas in parallel we installed a 40m long wire antenna reaching from the masthead to a huge tree onshore. Now working with 80W output power and the superior antenna was really great.
Without longer breaks we made radio operation until Sunday afternoon. A lot of good and nice qsos were logged. The activity was not handled as a contest. We had a lot of visitors on the footbridge which were curious to know more about amateur radio. Next year we wish better condx for the ILLW. Again and again we were in contact with very well-known radio amateurs. Thanks to everyone who called us.
On Sunday afternoon we stripped down and left Schleimuende bound for Kappeln which we reached 6:00 PM. The sailing vessel was derigged and loaded on a trailer next morning. On Monday evening everybody was returned safe and the team is looking back to a very exciting and interesting event. We all agreed to join the ILLW in 2017 again.