0001 UTC 17 AUGUST 2024 TO 2400 UTC 18 AUGUST 2024 (48 hours or part thereof).
Official List of Registrations - 2024 Total= 157

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 ILLW Lighthouse Numbers

QRZ callsign lookup:

Country Call Lighthouse Name ILLW No. QSL Route and other information Web
Argentina LU2DT Punta Mogotes (Note 1) AR0013 Direct Web
Argentina LU3DSR Quequen AR0015 Direct, QRZ.com  
Argentina LU5JU Stella Maris AR0020 QRZ.com, e-Qsl.cc  
Argentina LU8EMD+ Faro Quenquen AR0015 Direct  
Argentina LU9JMG Faro Stella Maris AR0020 See web site Web
Argentina LU6DM Faro Punta Medanos AR0012 Direct, e-Qsl. Web
Argentina LW6DNF Punta Mogotes AR0013 Direct  
Australia VK2BRE Shark Island Sydney Harbour AU0138 Buro Web
Australia VK2GAZ Wollongong Head / Flagstaff Point AU0135 Buro  
Australia VK2HBG Warden Head AU0035 Buro  
Australia VK2IAN Crookhaven Heads AU0047 Direct Web
Australia VK3ILH Cape Nelson AU0055 Buro  
Australia VK3SWV Whalers Bluff AU0117 Buro Web
Australia VK4BAR Cleveland Point AU0014 Buro. (Bayside and District ARS) Web
Australia VK4GHL Grassy Hill AU0019 QRZ.com Web
Australia VK4XXX Sea Hill Light, (Museum) AU0060 VK4XXX  
Australia VK5ARC Point Malcolm AU0029 Buro. (Fresh water lighthouse on Lake Allbert) Web
Australia VK5BWR Lowly Point Lighthouse AU0021 Mail to 185 Lacey St., Whyalla Playford SA 5600 Web
Australia VK6CLL  lighthouse 16 279677 Cape Leeuwin AU0008 Via VK6AXB, Buro QRZ
Australia VK6JMD North Mole Fremantle AU0073 Buro  
Australia VK6LJC Port Germein AU0069 Ask op  
Australia VK7LH Low Head AU0048 Buro (Also VK7ALH)  
Australia VK7NET Table Cape AU0039 Buro or direct  
Azores CR2FC Ponta das Contendas PT0014 Via CT8ACN Web
Belgium ON4RCB Blankenberge Comte Jean Jetty BE0001 Via EI4FOTA Web
Belgium ON9BD Lightship "West-Hinder lll" BE0006 Buro Web
Belgium OP8L  lighthouse 16 279677 Lange Nelle BE0008 Direct Web
Belgium OR5R Lightship "Westhinder1" BE0004 e-QSL  
Canada VE3ERC Point Clark CA0011 e-QSL Web
Canada VY2EK Seacow Head Lighthouse CA0086 None Web
Canada VY2PLH Point Prim CA0062 Direct Web
Cuba T45FM Faro Punta Maya CU0005 Via RW6HS QRZ
Denmark 5Q1T Dueodde Fyr DK0025 e-QSL  
Denmark 5Q5W Strib / Strib Odde DK0031 Buro, direct  
Denmark DL5DRM Hov and Keldsnor Fyrs DK0023-28 Buro  
Denmark OV1LH  lighthouse 16 279677 Helnaes Lighthouse DK0020 Buro, Lotw and direct via Steen OV7B QRZ
Denmark OV9M Strib / Strib Odde DK0031 Buro, direct  
Denmark OZ0IO  lighthouse 16 279677 Roesnaes Fyr DK0038 QRZ, e-QSL, LoTW, buro, direct QRZ
Denmark OZ0IL Kegnaes DK0003 Buro via DL1UWE Web
Denmark OZ5GRE Fornaes DK0010 QRZ.com  
Denmark OZ7LH Hanstholm DK0035 e-QSL, Buro  
England GB2BHL Bidston Hill Lighthouse UK0180 Vis e-QSL or G3NWR  
England GB4CL Cromer Light UK0076 e-QSL QRZ
England GB4SL Stoneness Lighthouse UK0234 Buro Web
England GB5HCL Hurst Castle Low UK0012 Direct, Buro QRZ
England GB8SL Shoreham Lighthouse UK0023 Buro QRZ
Finland OG8L Marjaniemi FI0025 Via OH8CW  
Finland OH1AH Uto FI0007 Buro. (Oldest lighthousee in Finland) Web
France TM0BSM Berck-sur-Mer FR0014 LoTW. (DL1DCT,DJ8EI,DL5KA,DK5OPA,DL8KR,DJ5KX, DL4MME) Web
France TM2LW Coatmer Amont n/a Via F4ELJ QRZ
Germany DD5LP Lindau Westmole and Mangturm DE0138-140 Direct only Web
Germany DF0MF Lightship "Amrumbank" DE0059 Buro QRZ
Germany DF0VK Schleimuende DE0073 Buro  
Germany DG0GF Buk DE0001 Buro or Direct  
Germany DH7RK Buk DE0001 Buro or direct  
Germany DI0LNW Neuwerk Lighthouse DE0016 Via DE2HJW  
Germany DK0BO Pilsumer Lighthouse DE0066 Buro, e-QSL, LoTW or direct Web
Germany DK0DAN  lighthouse 16 279677 Knock DE0049 Buro QRZ
Germany DK0LJ Heidkate DE0038 Buro or direct (Ops DK4VC, DL6WWM)  
Germany DK0MAR Dahmeshoeved DE0003 Buro Web
Germany DK0MAR Lightship "Fehmanbelt" DE0018 Buro Web
Germany DK0MTS  lighthouse 16 279677 Lemwerder Oberfeuer DE0124 Buro QRZ
Germany DK0RA Altenbruch Unterfeuer,  DE0050 Buro Web
Germany DK4HAA Westerheversand DE0063 Direct  
Germany DL0ALW Wangerooge Old DE0030 OQRS only. EU-047, Special DOK: 20ALW. QRZ
Germany DL0AS Oland DE0023 QRZ, buro Web
Germany DL0BO Lake Kemnade n/a Via DL4DZ  
Germany DL0BRF Lightship "Borkum Riff" DE0017 DK7YGL QRZ
Germany DL0EJ Timmendorf/Poel DE0027 Buro  
Germany DL0EL Eckwarden Oberfeuer / Preudeneck DE0130 Buro  
Germany DL0EM  Campen  DE0048  QRZ   
Germany DL0EO Eckernfoerde DE0005 Buro Web
Germany DL0HOA Falshoeft DE0007 Buro  
Germany DL0LGT Voslapp Ober Feuer DE0132 Buro  
Germany DL0MFK Karnin/Usedom DE0013 Via DL2ARH Web
Germany DL0PJ Norderney Island Lighthouse DE0055 Buro QRZ
Germany DL0RWE Old Lighthouse Borkum Island DE0046 Buro Web
Germany DL0SY Hornum / Sylt DE0104 Buro QRZ
Germany DL0SY Kampen / Sylt DE0106 Buro QRZ
Germany DL0SY List-West / Sylt Island DE0103 Buro QRZ
Germany DL0SY List-Ost / Sylt Island DE0102 Buro QRZ
Germany DL0TO Old Travermunde DE0028 Buro. (loc: JO53KX) Web
Germany DL0YLM Neuland Lighthouse DE0022 Buro  
Germany DM1SW Heiligenhafen DE0139 Buro or direct Web
Germany DL2BK Wybelsum DE0087 Buro, Direct QRZ
Germany DL7A Kalkgrund DE0149 Buro, direct, LoTW Web
Germany DL7MFK Buk DE0001 Buro or direct  
Germany DM5C Fehmarn Westmarkelsdorf DE0080 Buro Web
Germany DM5R Maltzien DE0020 Buro Web
Germany DP9GLHN Norderney Island. (See note 2) DE0055 Direct or Buro QRZ
Ireland EI2JRB Inishowen IE0011 Direct  
Ireland EI0CAR Dunree Head, Donegal EI0016 e-QSL, QRZ QRZ, 
Ireland EI0NDR Baily Lighthouse IE0025 LoTW, e-QSL, Buro Web
Ireland EI0SW Old Head o Kinsale IE0007 QRZ, e-QSL, Direct Web
Ireland EI2WRC Hook Lighthouse IE0003 Direct to EI2WRC see QRZ (World's oldest operating Lighthouse) Web
Italy IQ1SV Faro Capo di Vado Ligure (SV) IT0035 IQ1SV Web
Italy IQ6SE Faro Senigallia IT0010 Buro, e-QSL, direct Web
Malaysia West 9M15LHC Tangun Gelang Lighthouse MY0002 Buro. (15th anniversary of 9M4LHC) Web
Malaysia West 9M4LBJ Bukit Jugra MY0006 QRZ.com QRZ
Netherlands PA/DC2CT Egmond aan Zee (Van Speijk Memorial) NL0014 Buro and direct  
Netherlands PA/DG1DGT Brandaris NL0039 Buro all direct Web
Netherlands PA/DL1KVN Lighthouse Breskens NL0007 See web Web
Netherlands PA0XAW Den Oever NL0041 Direct QRZ
Netherlands PA3BIC Lighthouse Ameland NL0032 Buro  
Netherlands PA38MW Eierland NL0048 ON4MW  
Netherlands PD6AB Old Kraggenburg NL0010 Buro via PD7URK  
Netherlands PA6OUD Westhoofd NL0016 Buro, Direct, QRZ  
Netherlands PD0FSB Groote Kaap / Juliana Dorp. NL0037 Buro QRZ
Netherlands PG6N Noordwijk aan Zee NL0009 Via DQB PI4LDN Web
Netherlands PI4RCK IJmuiden Range Front NL0005 PI4RCK Web
Netherlands PI4RCK IJmuiden Range Rear NL0049 PI4RCK Web
Netherlands PI4ZHE "Noord Hinder" Lightship NL0036 PI4ZHE Web
New Zealand ZL6CC Cape Campbell NZ0001 Direct, Buro or e-QSL  
Nth Ireland GB1RP Rathlin Point UK0185 LoTW Web
Nth Ireland GB2EL Rathlin East Low & High UK0055-56 LoTW Web
Nth Ireland GN0LIX Chaine Memorial Tower UK0033 Buro and QRZ.com. (EU-115, IO74cu) Web
Nth Ireland GB2WL Rathlin West UK0217 LoTW Web
Nth Ireland GB5BL Blackhead Lighthouse 100th entry  UK0032 Via GI0BJH. (Ops by County Antrim DX Group) Web
Nth Ireland MN0HNQ St John's Point UK0087 QRZ  
Norway LA1J Kvassheim NO0022 Buro to LA1J Web
Puerto Rico KP3LH Faro Punta Tuna PR0008 Direct Web
Puerto Rico NP3VI Punta Mulas PR0009 LoTW, e-QSL Web
Scotland 2M0ROT The Perch UK0200 e-QSL, email see QRZ Web
Scotland GB0TNL Tarbet Ness Lighthouse UK0151 e-QSL, QRZ, LoTW. (SADARC and Inverness Radio Soc.) QRZ
Scotland GB2TNL Tarbet Ness Lighthouse UK0151 e-QSL, QRZ, LoTW. (SADARC and Inverness Radio Soc.) QRZ
South Africa ZS0RR Roman Rock ZA0027 LoTW, QRZ, OQRS via M0OXO QRZ
South Africa ZS1CRG Hangklip ZA0010 ZS1ABU  
South Africa ZS1CT  lighthouse 16 279677 Mouille Point, Cape Town ZA0006 e-QSL, QRZ.com, LoTW, Club Log Web
South Africa ZS1ERZ Ystervarkpunt ZA0009 Via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
South Africa ZS1SKR Cape St. Blaize, Mossel Bay ZA0026 Ask op  
Sweden 7S0SFJ Lightship "Finngrundet" SE0013 QRZ.com, e-QSL Web
Sweden 7S6TL Tistlarna SE0026 e-QSL.cc Web
Sweden SK6MA Visingo SE0074 Buro Web
Sweden SK7RN Lange Erik SE0011 e-QSL, QRZ Web
Switzerland HB9AF Rorschach Hafen (Lake Constance) CH0003 None Web
Switzerland HB9ILLW Romanshorn CH0004 Buro  
Turkey TC7TR Yoroz Burnu TR0003 Electronic QSL card via email, Lotw, QRZ.com, e-QSL Web
Uruguay CX1T Cabo Polonio UY0001 Ask op Web
USA K2JD Charlotte-Genesee US0101 K2JD Web
USA K2ZT Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse US0038 K2ZT  
USA KD2HIP Cape May Point Lighthouse US0011 Ask op  
USA N1EV Sheffield Island Lighthouse US0037 N1EV Web
USA N4EAR Gasparilla Island, Boc Grande US0270 See Web Web
USA NE1FO Nauset US0276 1 Clocktower Pl., Apt 513, NH,03060, USA  
USA W1TUK Sankaty Head, Nantucket, MA US0135 Direct or QRZ.com Web
USA W2GSB Fire Island Light US0019 See web page for info Web
USA W2LGA  lighthouse 16 279677 Oswego West Pierhead US0207 LoTW, e_QSL Web
USA W2PE Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse US0038 None Web
USA W2QVY Fort Niagara US0048 N3AU Web
USA W5BMC Southwest Reef US0176 Ask op  
USA W5P Sabine Pass Lighthouse US0130 QRZ. DXQSL your card SAE + USD2 for postage QRZ
USA W6IES Table Bluff US0127 LoTW  
USA W7L Heceta Head US0022 OCERI PO Box 254, Florence. USA 97439 Web
USA W8GNM Port Clinton US0228 LoTW. (Sat. 1400-2100. Grid EN81mm) Web
USA W9C Grosse Point Lighthouse US0021 See web Web
USA W9LY Michigan City Lighthouse Museum US0079 QRZ.com Web
USA WA2DQL Oak Orchard Lighthouse US0157 None Web

lighthouse 24 279677 = Thank you for your donation this year. Past donations have been acknowledged previously.


Note 2:  The Lighthouse was put into service 150 years ago after two years of construction 1872-1874.
To honor this historic date, we at the local Radio Club operate this special callsign DP9GLHN ( Great Lighthouse Norderney )