0001 UTC 18th TO 2359 UTC 19th AUGUST 2007.
compiled by Kevin VK2CE  Total=380
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21 May 2012 (VK time) .   
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QSL Route/etc


Argentina AY7X Baliza Escarpados, SA-049,SA-008 QSL manager WD9EWK for Radio Club Ushuaia. See web site.   Web
Argentina L20X Beauvoir Via Grupo Mistongo-buro. CC.184 CP.7000 Tandil Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Argentina L84VI Faro Segunda Barranca Colon 498 ler. Piso Oficinas 7y8 (8500) Viedma, Rio Negro-Patagonia, Arg.   Web
Argentina LQ0D Baliza Necochea Sur. Via Groupo Mistongo PO Box 184 (7000) Tandil Buenos Aires Argentina
Argentina LR3DX Faro el Rincon GDXBB-buro or via LU7DSY, PO Box 709, 8000, Bahia Blanca, Argentina.   Web
Argentina LU1EQ / D+ Faro San Antonio Buro or direct to CC:33-CP:1625 Escobar   Web
Argentina LU1VOF Faro Rio Negro Colon 498 ler. Piso Oficinas 7y8 (8500) Viedma, Rio Negro-Patagonia, Arg.   Web
Argentina LU2DT Faro Punta Mogotes PO Box 664, Mar del Plata, Argentina. + 2 green stamps or 1 IRC + SAE. 
Argentina LU2EE /E Faro Quequen Grupo Mistongo, PO Box 184 (7000), Tandil Buenos Aires, Argentina   Web
Argentina LU2XX Cabo Domingo (Historic)  LU2XX Radio Club Rio Grande, CC 183-CP 9420 Rio Grande Tierra del Fuego, Arg.   Web
Argentina LU3DXG Baliza Tripode Buro or GDXBB PO Box 709, 8000, Bahia Blanca, Argentina.   Web
Argentina LU3ES+ Faro Claromeco Via Grupo Mistongo-buro. CC.184 CP.7000 Tandil Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Argentina LU5DRV+ Faro Recalada GDXBB-buro or via LU7DSY, PO Box 709, 8000, Bahia Blanca, Argentina.   Web
Argentina LU5JU Faro Stella Maris See here   Web
Argentina LU6DRN /D Atalaya Lighthouse QRZ.com or Buro
Argentina LU6XA Faro Cabo Blanco GDXBB-buro or via LU7DSY, PO Box 709, 8000, Bahia Blanca, Argentina.   Web
Argentina LU7EO Faro Punta Medanos LU7EO PO Box 41, 1870 Avelleneda, (Bs.As.) Argentina
Argentina LU7WFM /w Faro Chubut LU7WFM via QRZ.com
Argentina LU7WW /W Faro Punta Ninfas PO Box 4, Puerto Madryn Chubut CP 9120. (LU4WP see QRZ.com)(LU4WGviaEA5KB)   Web
Argentina LU9EI Faro Punta Hermengo Buro or LU7DZL PO Box 102, 7607 Miramar Pcia BS AS Argentina
Argentina LW7EDH Faro Miramar Buro or LU7DZL PO Box 102 7607 Miramar Pica BS AS Argentina
Australia VK2AAG Evans Head Lighthouse QTHR
Australia VK2ALH Clarence Head, Yamba. Mid North Coast ARG, PO Box 505, Bellingen NSW 2454. Aust. Web
Australia VK2AMW Point Perpendicular Illawarra ARS PO Box 1838, Wollongong. NSW 2500. Australia Web
Australia VK2ATZ Norah Head Via buro   Web
Australia VK2BEL Sugarloaf Point, Seal Rocks. Buro
Australia VK2BOR Tacking Point Lighthouse. Buro or Oxley Region ARC PO Box 712 Port Macquarie. NSW 2444. Aust. Web
Australia VK2BTT MV Cape Don, Waverton, Sydney Harbour. Liverpool & Dist ARC PO Box 4, Bathurst St, Greystanes 2145. Sust.   Web
Australia VK2BV Macquarie Lighthouse (1st in Aust.) VK2BV via Buro or Waverly ARS PO Box 634, Rose Bay. NSW 2029 Aust.   Web
Australia VK2CE Greencape Lighthouse. Buro or CBA Web
Australia VK2FREK Warden Head Lighthouse. QRZ.com, Eqsl. (Mobile 0406129549)
Australia VK2HBG Point Perpendicular, Jervis Bay. Buro or direct via QRZ.com Web
Australia VK2ILH Smoky Cape PO Box 655, Coffs Harbour. NSW 2450   Web
Australia VK2LSB Cape Moreton, Moreton Island CBA home call
Australia VK2SNO Warden Head Lighthouse. VK2 Buro Web
Australia VK2SRC Ballina, Richmond Head PO Box 524, Lismore, NSW. 2480 Australia   Web
Australia VK2WIR Cape Byron PO Box 524, Lismore, NSW. 2480 Australia   Web
Australia VK3ANR /p Split Point, Airey's Inlet. Direct or buro. (Geelong Radio and Electronics Soc.)
Australia VK3APP Cape Otway Light Station Via WIA buro   Web
Australia VK3ATL Point Lonsdale Lighthouse Buro or to Geelong ARC PO Box 520 Geelong. Victoria 3220 Aust.   Web
Australia VK3EG Point Hicks Lighthouse. EGRG PO Box 688 Bairnsdale. Vic 3875 Aust. (Cell 0428149156)   Web
Australia VK3EMF Cape Schanck. Cancelled Direct or Buro. (Cell 0401719994)
Australia VK3GER Eastern Lighthouse McCrae Buro or PO Box 65, Patterson Lakes. VIC 3197   Web
Australia VK3ILH / 7 Currie Lighthouse, King Island, Tasmania. Buro via VK3ER
Australia VK3TSN Eastern Lighthouse, McCrae. Buro Web
Australia VK3WI Williamstown L'hse Timeball Tower. VK3WI QTHR or via buro   Web
Australia VK4BA Bulwer Lighthouse. Cancelled VK4BA. (Light located at Brisbane Maritime Museum) Web
Australia VK4BAR Cleveland Point Lighthouse. Buro
Australia VK4BW Burnett Heads Old Lighthouse. Bundaberg ARC PO Box i29 Bundaberg. Aust. 4670  
Australia VK4GHL Grassy Hill Lighthouse, Cooktown. Via VK4MIK buro or QRZ.com   Web
Australia VK4HAM Cape Morton Lighthouse. OC-137 Cancelled Special IOTA/LOTA card via qsl manager VK4FEAT at QRZ.com   Web
Australia VK4MM Bulwer Island Rear Lead Light Via buro or direct QMMA, PO Box 3098 Southbank, QLD 4101. Aust.   Web
Australia VK4WIM Pine Islet Direct or buro
Australia VK4WIS Old Caloundra Lighthouse VK4KAC, PO Box 357, Nambour, Qld. 4560 Aust. (Celphone:0427563615)   Web
Australia VK5ARC Point Malcolm Lighthouse PO Box 333, Morphett Vale, SA 5162   Web
Australia VK5BWR Lowly Point, Whyalla Sth Aust Buro Web
Australia VK5CPL Corny Point Buro or direct PO Box 1814, Gawler, 5118. Sth Aust. +SASE or return postage Web
Australia VK5SR Cape Jaffa Buro or PO Box 470 Kingston SE. Sth Australia. 5275
Australia VK6CLL Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse VK6YS, 20 Vortilla Court, Oakford, 6121 Western Australia.   Web
Australia VK6CNL Cape Naturaliste L'hse. See QRZ.com
Australia VK7WCN Cape Bruny Buro   Web
Austria OE3KLU Vienna and Neusiedlersee lights.  Direct or buro. (One lighthouse per day)   Web
Austria OE6XMF / 1 Danube, Vienna OE6XMF   Web
Austria OE6XMF / 4 Lake Neusiedlersee OE6XMF   Web
Belgium ON4BRN Lightship Westhinder ll Buro or ON4AGV   Web
Belgium ON4OSLN Niewpoort Head Main. Via ON5RKN or via UBA buro   Web
Belgium ON6NW /p Westhinder l, Rupelmonde ON6NW  
Belgium ON7RU /lh Blankenberg Lighthouse ON7RU buro or direct. (Special QSL with pic of 30 m high Lighthouse)
Belgium ON8AM Heist Low Buro   Web
Belgium ON9BD Westhinder III, JO21EF Buro   Web
Belgium OR0OST Ostend Lighthouse, Lange Nelle Buro or ON6HC
Belgium OR1V Heist aan Zee, Old High Buro
Bulgaria LZ2FM Shabla Lighthouse Buro
Canada VA3RCS Britannia Lighthouse (Historic) Direct CBA VA3RCS (preferred) or buro.
Canada VE1FA /p Borden's Wharf L'hse, Nova Scotia Buro or QRZ.com address to VE1FA
Canada VE3CJ Point Clark Lighthouse PO Box 85037, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7R 4K3 Web
Canada VE3JW /lh Cape North NS, Old. Buro or direct. (Light at Canada Science & Technology Museum, Ottawa.   Web
Canada VE3REK Christian Island Lighthouse Buro
Canada VA4TV Red River, Manitoba Marine Museum. Buro, direct+sase and e-QSL
Canada VE7IVN Estevan Point Lighthouse QRZ.com  (ARLHS member #18)
Canada VE9ND Cape Enrage, New Brunswick Buro or VE9MY, PO Box 51, Saint John. NB E2L 3X1, Canada   Web
Canada VO1MCE Cape Race Via VO1VCE.  
Canada VO1QAR Cape Bonavista, NA-027 VO1BC, QSARC, 89 Huntley Drive, Clarenville, NL. Canada. A5A 4L1
Canada VO1RJM Cape Pine Lighthouse (1850) RAC   Web
Canada VO1VON Cape Spear, Newfoundland Buro or direct to here.. (Most easterly point in North America)   Web
Canada W1BKR Henry Island Lighthouse. NA-10, NS-13 Direct W1BKR   Web
Chile CB1S Faro Punta Gruesa Norte de Chile PO Box 700 Iquique Chle or Buro   Web
Chile CB1S Faro Isla Serrano Iquique PO Box 700 Iquique Chile or Buro   Web
Chile CB1S Faro Punta Molo Puerto de Iquique PO Box 700 Iquique Chile or Buro   Web
Chile CC2A Faro Monumental de La Serena QSL mgr EA5KB (Pepe)   Web
Chile CE4T Topocalma Lighthouse EA5KB (Jose). (Faros Chilenos Federachi Award)   Web
Chile XR1H Huasco Lighthouse HA1AG Zoli Pitman, Somogyi Bela UT 18 Gyor 9024 Hungary. (Ops XQ1IDM,CE6TBN)   Web
Chile XR4C Carranza Lighthouse Via CE6AMN   Web
Croatia 9A2MF Savudrija, CLH-073 Homecall or Buro
Denmark 5P0MF Nordborg Lh., Island Als, no IOTA, JY-001. Via DH1LAO, via DARC buro, or see QRZ.com. LOC JO45UC
Denmark OZ0MF Nordborg Lh, Isle of Als Via DH1LAO, via DARC buro, or see QRZ.com. LOCJO45UC
Denmark OZ1CF /lh Lodbjerg, EU-171, IUT 18, CQ14, JO47  Vioa Buro or direct OZ1CF. (Cell +45 60676685)
Denmark OZ1SDB /lh Kegnes, Island Als. JO44XU Via OZ Buro OZ1SDB
Denmark OZ2GBW /lgt Knudshoved Lighthouse, EU-172 JO55KH Buro
Denmark OZ2NYB /lh Romsoe Old, Romsoe Island, EU-172 Via OZ buro. (FY-008, Locator JO55JM)   Web
Denmark OZ3ANT /lh Sejeroe Lighthouse, EU-029, JO55NW Buro hc OZ3ANT. (Counts for IPA Awards and Danish Scout award)
Denmark OZ4CHR Christian Island Lighthouse. EU-030 Via EDR buro
Denmark OZ5ESB /lh Blaavandshuk Lighthouse OZ5ESB   Web
Denmark OZ7TP Nr. Lyngvig Via buro, E-qsl, QRZ.com
England G0IBN Lightship "Trinity" ex LV15. Loc JO01KS G0IBN. (Tollesbury, Essex on the river Blackwater. TL91)
England G6HH Hastings Rear Range L'hse. JO00HU RSGB buro. (Ops Phil G3MGQ & Chris G1TBO) Web
England GB0BMB Beaulieu Millennium Beacon Via RSGB buro   Web
England GB0HL Happisburgh Lighthouse, EU-005 Via G4ARN   Web
England GB0PL Paull Lighthouse Buro
England GB1PBL Portland Bill Lighthouse (Operational) GB1PBL PO Box 2, Weymaouth, DT44AP. England
England GB2BML Blakeney Mariners Light Buro or direct to M0CNP Web
England GB2BTL Belle Tout Lighthouse Buro Web
England GB2FCL Flamborough Chalk L'house To G4NOK  via Buro   Web
England GB2FL Flamborough Head L'house To G4NOK via Buro   Web
England GB2JBM Sir John Barrow Monument Buro or direct SASE to G4USW QTHR   Web
England GB2KAY Kay Kendal Memorial Lighthouse, Withernsea. RSGB buro
England GB2PBL Portland Bill (Low) Dorset L'hse Buro Web
England GB2PSL Plover Scar Lighthouse To GB2PSL via buro or to G3KUE via buro
England GB2SCA Scarborough Buro or direct to G0OOO (see web site)   Web
England GB2SFL South Foreland Lighthouse RSGB buro   Web
England GB2SJ Souter Lighthouse. IO94HX, WAB NZ 46 RSGB (South Tyneside ARS)
England GB2TBW Trinity Buoy Wharf RSGB buro Web
England GB4BL Bamburgh L'hse, Black Rock Point. A2810 Buro via GX0NWM or G0SBN, Tynmouth ARC. (WAB NU13, IO95DO) Web
England GB4HCL Hurst Castle Lighthouse Buro   Web
England GB4HHL Harwich High Light G0RGH
England GB4HLL Harwich Low Light G0RGH
England GB4LL Leasowe Lighthouse. IO83KJ, WAB SJ29 Buro or direct with SAE to G4WUA Qthr. (BARLS 329)   Web
England GB4SML Saint Mary's, Whitley Bay RSGB buro or direct to M1DZT. (Ph:01912371388)   Web
England GB8SL Shoreham L'hse, Kingston Bucci. Buro or direct to G4LKW   Web
England GX3PRC Smeaton's Tower (Historic) RSGB buro
England GX3SDS Weymouth Stone Pier Lgt. IO80SO Buro. (WAB-SY67)   Web
England M0WDC Start Point Lighthouse. Via M0ZOL or M0WDC via QRZ.com
England M1VIP Monton Lighthouse.  Buro. (Loc: IO83TL) Operating APRS & IRLP nodes 5450, 5400.
England M3DPQ Hunstanton Lighthouse. Direct or buro. (Ouse Valley DX group)
England MX0BEE St Bees North Head Light Buro via M0CRM or direct M0CRM QTHR  
Falkland Isld VP8LGT Cape Pembroke Lighthouse. SA-002 VP8ON PO Box 809 Stanley, Falkland Islands. FIQQ-1ZZ   Web
Finland OH1AH Uto, EU-96, KO09QS Buro. (Finland's oldest lighthouse anno 1753)
Finland OH1AK Kylmapihlaja Lighthouse Buro
Finland OH3A Bengtskar, KO19FR EU-096 Via OH3AA   Web
Finland OH6AC Yttergrund Buro or direct via OH6MYZ
Finland OH5AD /ls Lightship Helsinki OH5AD/CBA, direct: OH5LAP/CBA
Finland OH6ADHD Valsorarna OH6KH,  see QRZ.com
Finland OH6NR Rovargrund L'hse. Loc KP02NL. 1st activ'n Buro or direct to OH6LUW. (OH6NR phone & CW, OH6AR digital 6&2m)
Finland OI3AX+ Russaro Island Lighthouse, KO19LS Buro. (Also OI6AY)
Finland OI3V /lh Salgrund, Loc: KP02OI SRAL QSL buro, PL73, FIN-11111, Riihimaki, Finland, EU   Web
Finland OJ0MI Market Reef Via OH2HAN buro or direct +SASE / return postage
France F/DF0FF /p Fecamp Haute-Normandie Via Darc buro
France TM0LHG Lighthouse Gravelines. (Petite Fort Phillipe) PA0HEL. (Ops PA0HEL, PA0RLM, 80-10m weekend only). See QRZ.com for info.
Georgia 4L9MR /p Bukhta Poti UX3MR, PO Box 26,Lugansk-33, Ukraine. (4208'N 4139'E)
Germany DA0LCC Lh Wehldorf (2 lights) Buro   Web
Germany DA0QS Lighthouse Neuland, GLHA037, 07QSJ Via DL5KUA   Web
Germany DC1HPS /p Pellworm Lighthouse, EU-042 Buro
Germany DF0AWG Falshoeft.  Buro   Web
Germany DF0CHE Moritzburg Buro   Web
Germany DF0CX Wehldorf Upper, Elbe River Buro. (QRV KW+VHF+UHF. DOK:100CUX)   Web
Germany DF0ELM Gruenendeich Lightouse. Buro or direct to DF1AG. (80-10meter. Loc JO43TN)   Web
Germany DF0HC Helios Tower, Cologne. Darc buro   Web
Germany DF0LH+ LH Dasser Ort. GLHA-016 Buro / LOTW / Direct
Germany DF0WFB /lh Lighthouse Oland, EU-042, WLOTA LH-0712 Buro or direct DF0WFB   Web
Germany DF0WLG Griefswalder Oie. EU-057 Via DARC.
Germany DF8AN /p Eckernfoerde Old & New DARC buro
Germany DH0IPA Flugge / Fehmarn Buro
Germany DJ9SG Kollmar, JO43RR Via DARC buro
Germany DK0FC /lgt Wangerooge Old Tower, EU-047 Via DB1BAC. (German Island No: N09)   Web
Germany DK0LWL Buk/Bastorf GLHA-12 DARC
Germany DK0RU Scheelenkuhlen. JO43PV Darc buro   Web
Germany DK2007EKT Wangerooge West Tower. DJ6SI   Web
Germany DL0BRF Lightship Borkumriff, EU-47 Buro
Germany DL0CX Wehldorf Lower New, Elbe River Buro. (QRV KW+VHF+UHF. DOK:100CUX) Web
 Germany DL0EO Eckernfoerde Lighthouse DARC buro Web
Germany DL0FFF Lightship "Fehmarnbelt", Lubeck Via op: DL2RPS or direct via CBA
Germany DL0HDF Pelzerhaken, GLHA-041 Buro
Germany DL0HGW Cape Arkona Old Tower, EU-057, DOK V11 Buro only please.   Web
Germany DL0LNW Leuchtturm Neuwerk, EU-127, GLHA-38 DL0LNW. (GIA (DID):N-12, Loc: JO43FV)
Germany DL0MFH Lightvessel LV13 - Trinity House, Hamburg. Buro. (MF 900, RN 4772)   Web
Germany DL0MFK /lh L'hse and Pilottower Karnin Usedom Island, Buro or direct. (Loc: JO63WU. EU-129, QRV 80-10m CW SSB and digital)   Web
Germany DL0MOS Wehldorf Lower Old. Elbe River. Buro / Web   Web
Germany DL0OVG /p Dahmeshoeved Buro
Germany DL0PBS Lighthouse Juist. Memmert Feuer. EU-047 Buro or direct. (GLHA-069)   Web
Germany DL0RUG Maltzien, Ruegen Island, EU-057 Via DL3KZA or buro
Germany DL0RWE Old Lighthouse, Borkum, EU-047 Darc buro   Web
Germany DL0TO Old Lighthouse Travemunde Buro   Web
Germany DL0UEM Ueckermuende Buro   Web
Germany DL1SKK Lighthouse Krautsand Upper. Together with DL6ABN Buro or CBA
Germany DL1SWB Buk/Bastorf. GLHA-12 DARC
Germany DL8GG Timmendorf / Poel. GLHA-047 cancelled Buro
Gibraltar ZB2LGT Europa Point Lighthouse Buro   Web
Iceland TF1IRA Knarraros Lighthouse, EU-021 IRA Buro   Web
Ireland EI1KARG Cromwell Point Lighthouse. EU-115 EI9FVB. (Valentia Island, WAI square V47)   Web
Ireland EI4TLH Tarbert Island Lighthouse EI8EM or Buro Web
Isle of Man GT3FLH Point of Ayre, EU116, WAB NX40, IO74TB Direct via GM4WBY or RSGB buro. Web
Isle of Man GT4IOM Point of Ayre. EU-116, WABNX40, IO74TB Direct via GD4WBY or RSGB buro. Web
Israel 4Z4DX /lh Jaffa Via 4Z4DX   Web
Italy I6FDJ San Benedetto del Tronto, WAIL MA001 Buro
Italy I6HWD Pedaso Lighthouse Buro or ARI PO Box 33 63039 San Benedetto Del Tronto, AP, Italy. (Mainly CW. Special QSL)   Web
Italy II4GOR Goro L'hse, WAIL ER007 INT2434 Buro or Qsl Manager IK3MZS
Italy IK0JFS /p Faro Monte Orlando Buro or direct
Italy IK7JWX /m Canal Pigonati Green IK7JWX via buro. (All modes ssb cw psk31 rtty)   Web
Italy IQ3TS Victory Lighthouse Buro or direct + sase.   Web
Italy IQ6FU /p Faro Fano, WAIL MA005 Buro or direct   Web
Italy IU1L La Lanterna, Genova. WAIL LI-005,DCI.GEO33 Buro or direct +SASE to PO Box 1117 I-16125 Genova Italy   Web
Italy IY6GM Monte Cappuccini Ancona Buro or direct to PO Box 122, 60124, Ancona Italy   Web
Italy IZ6ASI /p Faro Senigallia QRZ.com  E-qsl. (Adriatic DX Team)   Web
Italy IZ8FTW /p Capo Miseno LOTW and Buro.   Web
Jersey GH4LAB /p Sorrel Point, Noirmont Point, La Corbiere G4IAR QTHR direct only. (Other lights if time allows) BARLS#262
Latvia YL1YF /p Pape Lighthouse Via YL2GQG   Web
Latvia YL2GC /p Mikelbaka Lighthouse Buro. (Other op YL2PA /p)
Lithuania LY2FN /p Nida Lighthouse Buro or HC   Web
Lithuania LY3W /p Sventoji Lighthouse LoTW, Eqsl, buro or direct. (Cell +37061880425)
Namibia V59SWK Swakopmund Lighthouse PO Box 1100 Windhoek, Namibia, Africa.
Netherlands PA1BDO /lgt Nieuwendijk Rear Light. Buro. (Other op PD0LDC)
Netherlands PA1VLD /lh Vlieland, Wadden Island Via PE1MAI
Netherlands PA3BDQ /lh Westhoofd. EU-146 Dutch QSL buro   Web
Netherlands PA3CNI Old Kraggenburg Via home call
Netherlands PA6LST Lightship Texel Via PI4ADH
Netherlands PA6LH "Van Speyck" Egmond aan Zee. Dutch QSL buro or via PA0XAW Web
Netherlands PA6LL Hoek van Holland Low Lgt. Via PH2CV Web
Netherlands PA6URK Lighthouse of Urk. Buro via PA3GNE. QRV Sat 05UTC-15UTC. Web
Netherlands PA7AL /lh Stavoren High Lighthouse Homecall PA7AL, (Other op PD2RCW 20m, 40m,ssb)
Netherlands PE1OPM /p Willemstad Lighthouse. Buro or direct PO Box 42, 4724 ZG Wouw, The Netherlands
Netherlands PH6WAL Westkapelle Low Dutch QSL buro   Web
Netherlands PI4F /lh Burgh Haamstede, West Schouwen. EU-146 Dutch QSL buro Web
Netherlands PI4LDN /lh Noordwijk aan Zee PA7DA only via Dutch QSL Buro   Web
Netherlands PI4RCK IJmuiden Lower Light Dutch QSL buro Web
Netherlands PI4VNW /lh Hoek van Holland High Light Via PA7FL or Dutch QSL buro   Web
Netherlands PI4VPO /lh Goedereede Tower, EU-146 Dutch QSL Buro   Web
Netherlands PI4VPO /lh Stenen Baak Brielle Dutch QSL Buro   Web
Netherlands PI4WAL Westkapelle High Dutch QSL buro   Web
Netherlands PI4ZVL Nieuwe Sluis Dutch QSL buro
New Zealand ZL6CC Cape Campbell Marlborough ARC PO Box 432 Blenheim, New Zealand   Web
New Zealand ZL6LH Manukau Heads Lighthouse. Via ZL1VK buro or direct   Web
Norway LA / PA3FMC Utvaer lighthouse Buro or direct see QRZ.com Web
Norway LA1F Ytteroyene Lighthouse. Cancelled Via NRRL buro.   Web
Norway LA1G /lh Jomfruland. EU-061 Buro   Web
Norway LA1S /lh Obrestad Lighthouse. Loc JO28SP Buro/direct. (Multi setup on all bands 160-6m, SSB,CW, PSK 31)   Web
Norway LA4P /lh Langoytangen Lighthouse Buro
Norway LA6LI Lista Lighthouse Via NRRL or C/o Knut Knutsen, Kvavik 4580 Lyngdal. (Loc JO38GC)   Web
Nthn Ireland GB5BL Blackhead Lighthouse. EU-115 GI4FUE. (Phone: +44(0) 7836790041)   Web
Nthn Ireland GN0LIX Chaine Tower. EU-122. Buro. (Carrickfergus Amateur Radio Group)   Web
Poland 3Z0LH Police Range front & rear SP1DPA
Poland SN1LH Lighthouse Czolpino. SPL-07 Via SP3VT
Poland SN2JS Jastarina Lighthouse Via SP5KCR
Poland SN2NP Old Lighthouse Gdansk Nowy Port SP2BIK
Poland SP5ES /2 Jastarina Lighthouse Home call
Poland SP5PB /2 Rozewie East & West Towers Direct or buro. (Valid for Baltic Lh Award)   Web
Portugal CQ5N Farol da Nazare. DFP FBL-04 CT6ARL direct only no buro access. (Diploma Castelos FP DCFP-f027)   Web
Portugal CQ7C Cabo Carvoeiro. FES-03 Buro to CT2GZB or direct in QRZ.com
Portugal CT1RVM /p Cape Raso. DFP FES04 Via buro to CT1RVM  Web
Portugal CU8AS Albarnaz Lighthouse, EU-089, AZ-02 Via REP Bur or HB9CRV. (Azores, Flores Island)  
Puerto Rico KP3RE Las Cabezas de San Juan. NA-099  Direct QRZ.com Please SASE. (CQDX zone-8)
Puerto Rico KP4ES Punta Jiguero, Rincon PO Box 191917, San Juan, PR 00919. (18' 22"N, 67'16"W)   Web
Puerto Rico KP4FRA Punta Borinquen D Lugo KP4DL, PO Box 656 Moca PR00676   Web
Puerto Rico W4L Los Morrillos Lighthouse, Arecibo Urb Esteves 7124 Ave, Jose de Jesus Esteves, Aguadilla PR 00603-7372   Web
Puerto Rico WP4NRT / lgt Faro de Los Morillos. Cabo Rojo. QRZ.com (COFRESI Radio Club)
Scotland GB0NHL Noss Head Lighthouse GM4JYB or buro
Scotland GB2GNL Girdleness Lighthouse. Loc IO87XD Buro or direct GM4BVK   Web
Scotland GB2LBN Barns Ness, Dunbar. Via buro or direct GM4UYZ   Web
Scotland GB2LHI Bressay, Shetland Islands. EU-012 MM5PSL or buro
Scotland GB2LS Southerness Lighthouse GM4VKB per QRZ.com   Web
Scotland GB2LT Turnberry Lighthouse Via GM7OKX Web
Scotland GB2MSL Kinnaird Head Lighthouse Buro
Scotland GB8CSL Covesea Skerries Lighthouse Via GM1YPJ QTHR
Scotland GM3TKV /p Kingston Beacon Via MM0SMD or buro   Web
Scotland GM4GTY Sanda Island EU-123, WAB NR-73 GI4GTY LVARS Lagan Valley ARS. (Island loc IO75FG, Grid NR725037)   Web
Scotland MM0RAG Sgat Mor, Loch Fyne. Buro  
Slovenia S51LGT Cape Madonna Lighthouse Buro or direct to Boris S57LO, Manziolijev trg 2, SI-6310 Izola, Slovenia   Web
South Africa ZS1ARC /lh Cape Columbine Buro or direct PO Box 180, Milnerton, 7435, South Africa   Web
South Africa ZS1AZ /lh Cape Infanta Direct PO Box 7, Swellendam 6740 Sth Africa, or via SARL buro.
South Africa ZS1CT Green Point Buro or direct to PO Box 2541, Clareinch 7740 Sth Africa.   Web
South Africa ZS1OAR /lh Danger Point Direct PO Box 7, Swellendam, 6740 Sth Africa, or via SARL buro
South Africa ZS1RBI /lh Robben Island Lighthouse, AF-064 PO Box 1569, Durbanville 7551, South Africa.   Web
South Africa ZS1YVP Ystervark Point Lighthouse. PO Box 2339, Knysna, 6570, Sth Africa
South Africa ZS2BRC /lh Hood Point Lighthouse Buro or to Border Radio Club, PO Box 1024, East London 5200 South Africa
South Africa ZS5D Cooper Lighthouse Buro or PO Box 20486, Durban North, South Africa. 4016   Web
South Africa ZS5ZLB /lh Cape St. Lucia Lighthouse. KG61FP Via buro or direct PO Box 98 Mandini 4490 RSA
Spain AO7TL Faro de Torrox EB7FLW. 
Spain EA1WD /p Cabo de Ajo Buro. DFEA D1552/DME39011
Spain EA3 / IK1GPG/p Faro Cabo San Sebastian IK1GPG Buro or direct   Web
Spain EA5EWK Faro del Estacio Buro
Spain EA9CI De Lastres Direct orburo. (20/40 meters)   Web
Spain EA9CP Extremo Dique de Lastres Direct or buro. (20/40 meters)   Web
Spain EB1FGO Castilo de Santa Ana. Buro or direct per  QRZ.com   Web
Spain EC2ADN /p Cabo Villano Buro Web
Spain ED5URD Faro Cabo de Palos Via Buro EA5URD   Web
Spain ED6URB Fabo Cabo de la Mola EA6ZX, PO Box 240 - 07080 Palma (Balearic Islands), Spain.   Web
Sri Lanka 4S7LGT Dondra RSSL, PO Box 907, Colombo, Sri Lanka.   Web
Sweden 7S0SFJ Lightship Finngrundet, Vasa Museum. SK0QO via buro SSA    Web
Sweden 7S1LGT Hoburgen, EU-020, JO97BW SK1BL Web
Sweden 7S6LGT Vinga Lighthouse, EU-043 Via SK6NL   Web
Sweden 7S6SU Subbeberget / Varberg Buro
Sweden 7S6TL Tistarna, EU-043 Buro Web
Sweden 7S7KUL Kullens Fyr Buro   Web
Sweden 7S7SEG Segerstad L'house Oland EU-037 SK7CA / Buro   Web
Sweden 8S6BAS Bastungen Lighthouse. Cancelled Buro   Web
Sweden 8S6IL Islandsberg Old and New lgts, Skafto Island Buro
Sweden 8S6LGT Maseskar Island Lgts Old & New. EU-043 Buro or via SM6PVB
Sweden 8S6LL Hallo Lighthouse, EU-043 Buro or via SM6PVB
Sweden 8S6MT Morups Tange Via SK6JX
Sweden 8S6NAV Navens Fyr. JO68NM Buro
Sweden 8S6VAN Vanas Fyr SM6JSM   Web
Sweden 8S7GL Garpen Lighthouse, EU-037 Via SK7CA Web
Sweden SA7SM Sandhammaren Lighthouse Direct via QRZ.com only   Web
Sweden SH3O /5 Sikhjalma Lighthouse SM3TLG buro or direct
Sweden SK0BJ Landsort Buro
Sweden SK2AU /lh Gasoren 1, Gasoren 2. EU-135 Buro   Web
Sweden SK3GK Boena Lighthouse Buro   Web
Sweden SK3YQ Skommarskaten Lighthouse. Cancelled Only direct SM3JCG QRZ.com
Sweden SK5WB Orskar JP90EM Buro
Sweden SK6IF /lh Fiskebacksvik Rear Buro   Web
Sweden SK6MA /7 Visingso Lighthouse. Buro   Web
Sweden SK7JD /lh Sparo Beacon, EU-037, JO87IR Buro.  Web
Sweden SK7RN Laange Erik,Island Oeland, EU-037 Buro
Sweden SM5ELV /5 Hastholmen Buro   Web
Sweden SM7DAY /p Smygehuk Home call buro or direct
Switzerland HB9LH Phares de Morges (Both) Buro / see QRZ.com
Turkey TA9J Yoroz Burnu Via EA5KB   Web
Turkey TC1LHW Karaburun Denizfeneri L'hse Via TA buro or manager TA1FR   Web
Turkey TC4LHW Gelidonia (Taslik) TA2RX   Web
Ukraine UR5FCZ /p Tsaregradskoe Girlo, front / rear. Buro
Ukraine UR7GO /p Belye Kuchugury Buro
Ukraine UR7GW /p Belye Kuchugury Buro
Ukraine US0VA /p Meganomsky Lighthouse Via US0VA
Ukraine UT / ER3DW /p Grigoryevsky Lighthouse Buro or direct via HC: ER3DW
Ukraine UT / ER3GS /p Grigoryevsky Lighthouse Buro or direct Via  HC: ER3GS
Ukraine UU4JWM /p Kamysh-Burunsky UU4JDD buro or direct   Web
Ukraine UU6JJ /p Kyz-Aulsky QRZ.com or buro
Uruguay CV1AA Puerto del Buceo West Breakwater Via PO Box 37, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay
Uruguay CV7FARO Faro Ciudad de Colonia CX1FA. (10 ops in 3 stations)
Uruguay CV9T Fabo Cabo Polonio CX1TA
USA AA1ZR West Quoddy Head Light, Maine Skip McGarvey 40 Key St., Eastport, Maine 04631. USA
USA K2ARC Eaton's Neck Lighthouse, NA-026 ECS, PO box 604845, Bayside, NY 11360-4845, USA. (E-qsl's accepted)   Web
USA K2BR Absecon Light K2BR on QRZ.com   Web
USA K2CRR Thirty Mile Point Lake Ontario, NY ARS K2CRR 860 Niagara Falls Blvd, Buffalo. NY 14223
USA K2L Buffalo Main Lighthouse, NY WB2YQH, PO Box 73, Spring Brook, NY 14140 USA. (West NY DX Assoc) Web
USA K2MP Braddock Lighthouse Ed Gable k2mp, 187 Lighthouse Road, Hilton, NY 14468. USA l
USA K4L Cape Florida Lighthouse NA-141 W4MOT. (LOTW user, Ops 18Aug 1300-2330z) Web
USA K4NTO Cape Henry Lights (2) Via K4NTO
USA K4PIL Ponce de Leon Inlet Light Station Buro   Web
USA K6AA Point Fermin Lighthouse SASE to K6AA per QRZ.com for USA ops, via buro for non-USA ops.   Web
USA K6PV Point Vicente Lighthouse. K6PV direct   Web
USA K7HMP /3 Piney Point Lighthouse, Maryland QRZ.com or buro SASE appreciated. (Tentative date 19th August)
USA K7HMP /3 Point Lookout L'hse, Maryland QRZ.com or buro. SASE appreciated. (Tentative date 19th August)
USA K8E Eagle Harbor Lh and range lgts. N8MR buro or direct   Web
USA K8FGL Fort Gratiot Lighthouse K8FGL c/- EMARC PO Box 611230, Port Huron, MI 48061-1230. (ARLHS#422)
USA K8ONV Boca Grande Lighthouse. NA-069 CBA, QRZ.com  
USA K8S Cheboygan Front Range Light. Via K8IKW
USA K9YA Grosse Point Lighthouse Direct. ( Metro ARC ops in memory Lt R Heytoe, K9YA, Evanston Police Dept.)   Web
USA KA1RFD Burnt Island L'hse, Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Rod Scribner, 72 Turner Dr., Pittston, ME 04345. ( Pager 851-8478)
USA KB7EOC Cape Mears Lighthouse OR Gary Mahan, N7IS PO Box 1282, Tillamook OR 97141 Web
USA N1EV Sheffield Island Light, NA-136. Direct via N1EV. (USI CT-008s)  
USA  N2CMC Cape May Lighthouse Cape May ARC 8 Foxrun Road, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
USA N2MO Sandy Hook QRZ.com Web
USA N7C Umpqua River Lighthouse Direct only to W7VU   Web
USA N7CVW Noth Head Lighthouse, Ilwaco WA Buro
USA N7L Yaquina Bay K7VV, PO Box 12941, Salem, Oregon. 97309. USA
USA W1AA Clarke's Point Lighthouse. DX via W1 Buro, USA contacts via W1AA +SASE
USA W1L Colchester Point Lighthouse QSL with SASE to W4YFJ for certificate.
USA W1NVT Colchester Point Lighthouse QSL with SASE to W4FYJ for certificate
USA W2AMC Huntington Harbour, NA-026 PARC, PO Box 113, Peconic, NY 11958. (Sat 18th only)   Web
USA W2AMC Horton Point, NA-026 PARC, PO Box 113, Peconic, NY 11958. (Sunday 19th only)   Web
USA W2GSB /lh Fire Island, New York, NA-026 W2GSB/lh PO Box1356, West Babylon, NY 11704-0356. (ARLHS#286, USCG ref #670, USA NY-013-S)    Web
USA  W2SO Dunkirk Lighthouse. Via W2SO, Lancaster ARC, cards and certificate.   Web
USA W3LRS Overfalls Lightship Lewes ARS, PO Box 426, Lewes, DE 19958   Web
USA W4A Tierra Verde Light Via K8CXM   Web
USA W4J Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Via K4WRC see QRZ.com   Web
USA W6C Anancapa Light Station. NA-144 W6WTG, 2701 Fordham, Bakersfield, CA 93305
USA  W6HIP Point Vincente Lighthouse Direct to W6HIP. (20m SSB)  
USA W7AVM Admiralty Head , NA-065 ICARC, PO Box 352, Coupeville, WA 98239 (On air only 18th 1400-2100UTC) Web
USA W7L Heceta Head Lighthouse. PO Box 254, Florence, Oregon. 97439
USA W8DXI White River, Lake Michigan Michigan DX Assoc. W8DXI via QRZ.com   Web
USA W8L Marquette Harbour Lhse and Breakwall Lgt Via K8PT QRZ.com   Web
USA WA2LQO Eatons Neck, NA-026 CBA to WA2LQO   Web
USA WR2DX Sea Girt Lighthouse NADXA PO Box 357 Bradley Beach NJ 07720. (Phone: 732 927-0171)   Web
Wales GB0HEL Helwick Lightship LV-91 RSGB or direct via qsl mgr, GW0BBO. (Loc IO81AO, WAB SS69). Swansea ARS) Web
Wales GB0SH Strumblehead. WAB SM84 Pembrokeshire. Via MW0JZE. (BARLS #458)   Web
Wales GB1SL South Stack Lighthouse Direct GW0VML or Buro. (BARLS #456)   Web
Wales GB2TD Penmon Lighthouse RSGB  
Wales GB4BPL Burry Port Harbour. RSGB Buro, Eqsl Web
Wales GC4BRS /p Flatholm Island, EU-124 RSGB or manager GW0ANA

Please note that email addresses have been removed to protect entrant's from unsolicited and juk mail.


Argentina - 21, Australia -40, Austria -3, Belgium -8, Bulgaria -1, Canada -13, Chile -7, Croatia -1,
Denmark -10, England -32, Falkland Islands -1, Finland -10, France -2,
Germany -37, Gibraltar -1, Iceland -1, Ireland -2, Isle of Man -2, Israel -1, Italy -11,
Jersey -1, Latvia -2, Lithuania -2, Namibia -1, Netherlands -19, New Zealand -2,
Northern Ireland -2, Norway -6, Poland - 6, Portugal -4, Puerto Rico -5,
Scotland -11, Slovenia -1, South Africa -9, Spain -10, Sri Lanka -1, Sweden -28, Switzerland -1,
Turkey -3, Ukraine -8, Uruguay -3, USA -45,
Wales -6.



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