The following comments are from the ARLHS beacon bot and other e-mails received at vk2ce's mailbox..................            


Don N1DT and I activated the Nantucket Lightship II USA 524 in 
Wareham, Ma on Saturday 8/20 from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM EDT ...

We worked 90 Stations on 40 and 20 meter SSB and CW and two on 2 meter FM while monitoring
the local IRLP 2 meter repeater link. No QSOS were made via IRLP so we will not try that again.

We were fortunate to work 28 ARLHS members and 12 Lighthouses.

Band conditions left a lot to be desired but we were happy to get out and give out
a "new one" to many members and non-members. 

We have a packet station in the pickup but unfortunately the location DX RF packet node went down
in the morning after we had spotted ourselves only once. We asked several members if they could
spot us on the ARLHS mail reflector, some said they could not do it or did not know how to do that, a few
said they would spot us but after the activation we did not find one email for a W1AA activation. These announcements
are important to the members doing the activations as it helps others monitoring their mail to find and 
work the lighthouses. We also noted that two of the lighthouse activations were done by non-members as
the did not have a ARLHS member number to pass along. 

73 Don N1DT #962 and Whitey K1VV #957 / W1AA Marconi Radio Club

N1DT_1.gif (67766 bytes) Truck_1.gif (65953 bytes)Truck_Nantucket_1.gif (68533 bytes)

Thanks to all the hearty souls who ventured forth this past weekend to 
activate a Lighthouse or Light Vessel for the ILLW. Your efforts and dedication 
are very much appreciated.

Jim Elliott KA3UNQ
ARLHS # 278

As a SWL I listened through most of the weekend. Bands were fairly noisy here in NM. 

10 Meters NEVER opened
12 Meters NEVER opened
15 Meters NEVER opened
17 Meters running normal
20 Meters noisy but open 
30 Meters noisy but open
40 Meters very noisy but open
didn't bother with the rest.

Only logged 7 new LH's out of 75 loggings (CW, RTTY, SSB)
Central / South America clear
Heard ZL land clear
Heard VK land clear
Heard Europe in but weak

All in all was a fun weekend.

Bob Combs, KCA6RC
ARLHS # 848
New Mexico

RX: NRD 525
ANT: 20 Meter folded dipole

Allow me to add my thanks to all the activators for a
good weekend, even tho my 18 wheel mobile only did 3
contacts. Does SWL count for anything? Hey,..i still
had FUN but was just in the wrong area. Heard tons of
Co, Tx, Fl, etc. Again, tnx Richard kc0sys/vk6jns

ARLHS # 1235
ARCBS # 63
OMISS # 3288
MARAC # R 3184

Hi Kevin,

We can't complain about other contests because we have
2 that run for several days and 2 other weekend
events. Despite the NAQP, I worked 8 new lights (4
during the NAQP) and 1 of them was a DX light. Band
conditions were good.

Thanks for all your hard work. I had fun as usual.

Mike Clayton WD0CJZ
ARLHS #508

Again, mucho thanks to all who participated.

Lights worked: 23

New ones for me: 13 (10 DX and 3 domestic)

Extras: 3 new IOTA islands

Bands: 20 SSB mostly with sporadic CW. Worked a couple on 40 SSB also.

Observation: heard a lot more than I worked. Seemed to have a problem 
getting into EU early in morning (10 - 1200Z) on both SSB and CW. Heard no SA, OC, 
or AF at all...strictly EU or Carib. and NA. West coast seemed a problem for 
me as well. Called W7WLL for almost 8 hrs before finally working him. Just 
condx, that's all. No need to comment on NA QP cuz its all been said before. Ya 
just gotta deal with it.

Equip: TS-850, 100 W to Hustler Mobile antennas on Alpha-Delta Tripod.

ARLHS # 278

Had lots of fun and my contest and DXer ears managed to work only 37 LH's
but 17 different countries including the Falkland Is.

Russ K9DXR

Peconic ARC operated ILLW from Horton Pt. Lighthouse (USA-387). We logged
280 contacts, including 21 lighthouses. Band condx were pretty good, but
NAQP cut our operations short on Saturday. We worked many ARLHS members and
thank all for their participation. We have a QSL certificate for this event
featuring a photo of the lighthouse and some of its history. QSL with SASE
(large envelope for unfolded certificate) to PARC, PO Box 113, Peconic, NY

73 de Warren
WM2Z, #133

Rpt on N7L, USA 906. Yaquina Bay, Oregon.

810 QSO's, all 50 states, 30 countries and 52 lighthouses.
Am working to try and get Yaquina Head, USA 907 on next year.

DE Vince, K7VV

QSL via N8MR or via buro... not W8MR. And make sure your return
envelope is a #10 business size (or larger) envelope, as our QSLs are
post cards. We also create a different certificate each year, also
included with the QSL.

This was another glorious weekend up at Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.
Just got home from the 600-mile trip (one-way). All our logs are on
paper, so we don't have an accurate QSO count. However, we are
confident this was our best year for contacts with DX and other
lighthouse stations. The story and photos will be forthcoming at

We found a great way to avoid the NAQP while maximizing our DX
count - get on CW! We operate outside the lighthouse, in the
open, on a picnic table, come rain, shine, wind or biting flies. The
people walking past us on the lighthouse tours may stop to ask
what we are doing when we are on Phone, but many more wander
over to our station when they hear all that Morse Code and see one
of us sending and receiving that mode. We have an external speaker
for the public to hear what we're hearing, as well as headphones so
that the operator isn't interrupted by the roar of Lake Superior.

I see no reason to move the ILLW, as the NAQP normally does not
affect our operation too much anyhow.

The Keweenaw Historical Society (the organization that oversees the
Eagle Harbor Lighthouse complex) like seeing DX QSL cards. We always
give them all cards received the previous year in a photo album, and
they truly appreciate seeing the different countries and lighthouses
that heard our signal.

We appreciate all the kind comments on our operation. We really do
try our best to maximize our short time there.

We will be there again next year for the ILLW (provided Kevin does
not move it to the first weekend in August). We have reservations
to stay at the lighthouse keeper's assistant's residence for the week,
and reservations for that place (for the next year) get filled very

Thanks to all - especially GM4SUC and VK2CE - for another great ILLW
(fifth in a row for us). Looking forward to many more.

Mike, N8MR ARLHS# 1236
Lynette, KC8NAH ARLHS# 368
Vince, KA8FFM ARLHS# 259
Ange - KA8FFM's XYL 

Briefly from WA8REI:
--I activated ARLHS USA-394, Huron Lightship, for approx. 12 hours total time during ILLW, operating
from adjacent Pine Grove Park in Port Huron, Michigan (St. Clair County).
--Rigs: FT-100D at 100 watts to 20m.sloper 35/20 feet and 40m. dipole at about 40 feet, both 
FT-817 at 5 watts to end-fed random wire slung over a tree branch.
--band condx terrible. I'll vouch for Jim, KA3UNQ: HEARD many stations that I could not work.
VE1REC was R/S 5/7, but RadioEchoDude Bob never heard my 100 watts. Stns 10 over S9
one minute would be ZERO COPY
the next minute. Only 3 west coast lights worked, no Gulf Coast lights worked, very few east coast 
heard/worked, especially New England. No Canadian LHs worked.
-- I worked almost as many DX (EU) lights as USA lights.
--about 65 Qs in all, including one L/S to L/S
--wx: rain Friday, hard rain late Saturday afternoon. Gorgeous day Sunday...temp. in mid 70's/low 
--new country for me EA9 Ceuta & Melilla
--had to give up my gazebo QTH (which had AC power) to a wedding party Saturday. I then went
QRP battery power, working a German lighthouse on 20 m. CW. GO FIGGER on band condx!
--spent HOURS tuning around for GB2ELH gang at Eshaness Lighthouse on Shetland. Never heard them!
(worked Scotland, England, Finland, Iceland, but no Shetland)
--had FB eyeball QSOs with fellow ARLHS members K8MEG, W8MEG and N8MIC. Also
an eyeball with N8EXE, Ellie. N8MIC assisted me by logging for several hours Sunday 
--great to work C.J. down at St. Augustine lighthouse. We were both 5/9 to each other.
--without fail, I always work Patty, W5AZO!
--I took a FREE tour of the Lightship Saturday afternoon. They're ready for our Conventioneers!
--saw approx. 8 Gt. Lakes freighters and ocean goers DAILY. Ocean goers require a USCG Pilot ship.
--tnx all who heard/worked me and who put a posting on the Beacon Bot for me. I wish I could have
worked more members, but obviously K5JIM didn't do his propagation dance and pray to the
propagation gods, although I worked him FB from Mississippi to Michigan! ;>)
--I will be sending some FB digital photos to Mr. Buffington which he may wish to put on the ARLHS
Convention web page. I got some great shots of the shipping traffic, lightship, lighthouse and 
Edison Inn.

--Pse send an SASE biz size envelope to my home QTH if you desire a QSL card.

Keep the flame, Dudes & Dudettes! If you haven't signed up for the ARLHS CONVENTION
in Sept/Oct, there's still time to do so. Go to the ARLHS web site SOON before the registration

--Ken, WA8REI #364

Thought I'd share the wrap-up of the most logistically difficult LH
operation I've done since I started doing the LH bit back in '99.

Cape Arago LH has no AC power. The light and the NOAA wx station are
powered by a huge 12V battery system (with secondary backup) from a large
solar array. There is no water, no sanitary facility, 1 small tree and is
on an island with very sheer cliffs to the ocean on all sides. The island
(Chief) is connected to the mainland by a roughly 1/4 mile long wooden
walkway built over wooden supports. Weight limit, 400 pounds. We (myself
and Dave KB7WJL - a Tech but a massive help from a logistical side). Could
not have done it without his help. We had to haul all the equipment, food,
drink, antennas, rope, gas, generator, cot and sleeping stuff plus clothing
by a little red wagon and a wheelbarrow. It is another 100 yards from the
walkway end to the LH itself, uphill! I will be getting a card made showing
the place and some of the views and giving some pertinent details. There is
no public access to the LH or the mainland property, protected by two gates
at the entrance of a very long road and one at the start of the walkway.

As for the ILLW, worked 20 of the 48 hours. Got on a couple of hours late
on Friday and shut down about 9:30 PM both nights. Worked 20 of the
available 48 hours. Some of the time was spent sleeping and eating, some
getting more gas for our little 4 KW generator which ate gas roughly at the
rate of 1 gal per hour.

We made 510 contacts altogether after deducting the duplicates. Worked 22
USA, 1 NZ, I Canadian, and 1 Lithuanian LH. Only worked 15 DXCC countries,
but enjoyed particularly the contact with HS0ZEE and V73AX. Did work all 50
states which was a surprise. I remember how hard it was to get WAS back in
the 50's. Also worked 9 Canadian provinces (how many are there??)

All but about 20 contacts were on 20 meters, with a few on a very noisy 40.
Band condx on 40 and 80 and the higher bands were just not good here in the
West. Found ourselves just sitting on one 20 M frequency mostly just
working the pileups, Saturday in spite of the NA QSO Party. Some of those
we worked wanted a lot of information on the LH and some treated the contact
like a contest - name rank and serial number- goodbye.

Disappointed that we didn't work more ARLHS members, only see 63 of you in
the log.

Anyway, had a great time and it was an interesting experience, but finally
have it all put away and a hot bath and a good meal behind me. This
location was great from an operating viewpoint but truly a nightmare from
the logistics view.

Hope all had as much fun as we did though. Next year, we will activate
another new one. Can hardly wait.

If anyone wants more details send me an email.


From PB6KW at Katwijk aan zee lighthouse:

Katwijk_aan_zee.jpg (46818 bytes) pb6kw 2005 006.jpg (70507 bytes) pb6kw 2005 035.jpg (72078 bytes)

From Barazil, ZW7LH at Calcanhar BRA-035:

From ZL6LH at Portland Island Lighthouse, New Zealand: