0001 UTC 19th AUGUST 2017 TO 2400 UTC 20th AUGUST 2017 (48 hours or part thereof).

Official List of Entrants - 2017 Total= 315
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Country Call Lighthouse Name ILLW No. QSL Route and other info. Web
Argentina LU2DT Faro Punta Mogotes AR0013 Web
Argentina LU5DMP Claromeco AR0008 direct + SASE or Buro and e-QSL  
Argentina LU5JU Stella Maris AR0020 Sarmiento 253-C.del Uruguay Entre Ros Argentina  
Argentina LU6DM Faro Punta Medanos AR0012 See direct +SASE Web
Argentina 5 LW3DSR Querandi AR0034 SASE PO Box 265 CP7600 Web
Australia VK2ATZ Norah Head AU0024 Buro. (Westlakes ARC) Web
Australia VK2BOR Tacking Point AU0034 e-QSL Web
Australia VK2BV Macquarie Light AU0022 Buro. (Australia's oldest lighthouse) Web
Australia VK2EP Smoky Cape AU0031 Coffs Harbour ARC, PO Box 655 Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450  
Australia VK2GEL Endeavour Light / Henry Head AU0052 Buro. (Also activating Botany Bay NP, VKFF-0048) Web
Australia VK2HBG Warden Head Lighthouse AU0035 Direct or buro  
Australia VK2IAN Crookhaven Heads AU0047 Buro  
Australia VK2MB Barrenjoey Lighthouse AU0046 Buro Web
Australia VK2MNM Cape Byron AU0006 Buro. (Other op VK2LRB) Web
Australia VK3 / GW0VML Cape Nelson AU0055 ZL1MVL Web
Australia VK3ATL Point Lonsdale AU0028 Buro Web
Australia VK3DJ Queenscliff "Black" Lighthouse AU0050 Buro  
Australia VK3DX Lady Bay Upper and Lower AU0049-96 33 Canterbury Road, Warrnambool Victoria 3280 Web
Australia VK3EG Point Hicks AU0027 VK3EK  
Australia VK3FSK Gabo Island AU0080 Buro. (Club call operated by VK3NBI)  
Australia VK3IH Cape Liptrap AU0037 Direct  
Australia VK3ILH Citadel light, Port Albert museum AU0110 Via VK3CAM buro  
Australia VK3OLS Cape Otway Lightstation AU0011 Buro or VK3KMA at CBA  
Australia VK3SPL Split Point Lighthouse AU0032 Buro Web
Australia VK3WI Time Ball Tower AU0036 Buro  
Australia VK3WND Cape Schanck AU0012 Buro  
Australia VK4CQR Sea Hill Point AU0059 to CQARA Web
Australia VK4GHL Grassy Hill Lighthouse, Cooktown AU0019 Via VK4MIK buro or direct Web
Australia VK4LLE Lighthouse Lady Elliot Island AU0085 Direct Web
Australia VK4WIR Sea Hill Lighthouse (Gladstone Museum) AU0124 Buro or direct to RADAR Club Rockhampton QLD AU, 4700 Web
Australia VK5ARC Point Malcolm AU0029 Buro or PO Box 333 Morphett Vale 5162 Web
Australia VK5BWR Lowly Point AU0021 Buro Web
Australia VK5CJL Cape Jervis Lighthouse AU0094 Via VK5AR or buro  
Australia VK5PBZ Port Fermien AU0069 PO Box 2870 Port Lincoln 5606 Sth Aust Web
Australia VK5ZII Tipara Reef AU0053 None  
Australia VK6AHR North Mole Lighthouse AU0073 Direct or Buro Web
Australia VK6BRC Casuarina Point WA AU0086 Buro to VK6AP  
Australia VK6CLL Cape Leeuwin AU0008 Buro. (Cape Lighthouse Radio Group)  
Australia VK6CNL Cape Naturaliste AU0010 Buro. (As above)  
Australia VK6XL Cape Inscription AU0128 Direct or buro (Lighthouse on Dirk Hartog Island, WA)  
Australia VK7EK Table Cape Lighthouse AU0039 Direct  
Australia VK7LH Low Head Lighthouse AU0048  
Australia VK7KT Bluff Hill Point AU0081 (Other op VK7TM Mike) Web
Australia 39 VK7TZ Round Hill Point AU0111 Direct  
Austria OE6XMF Moerbisch Lake Neusiedlersee AT0004 Via OE6XMF (Other ops OE4PWW, OE8SPW) Web
Austria 2 OE6XMF Podersdorf Lake Neusiedlersee AT0002 Via OX6XMF Web
Belgium ON9BD Westhinder lll, lightship BE0006 Via qsl mgr ON6EF Web
Belgium 2 ON4OS Oostende- Lange Nelle BE0008 Buro Web
Brazil 1 ZV8WAB Farol de Salinopolis BR0009  
Canada CG9LEP Long Eddy Point / The Whistle CA0057 Direct  
Canada KB1UET Mulholland Point CA0059 C/- Blair Tinkler, 33 Water St, Lubec. Maine 04652  
Canada N8GU/VY2 Cape Bear Lighthouse, PEI CA0049 N8GU direct see (CW,SSB PSK 40 day, 80 night 20 if open)  
Canada VA3FLC Port Maitland CA0060 Direct  
Canada VC3C2C Burlington Main Light CA0015 Direct or via e-QSL to HARC. (Special call for Canada's 150th & Clubs 85th) Web
Canada VE2CSP Isle du Richelieu n/a note 1 Buro  
Canada VE3ERC Point Clark Lighthouse, Ontario CA0011 Direct or e-QSL Web
Canada VE3FRG Nine Mile Point CA0031 Direct Web
Canada VE3GWS Pig Point Lighthouse, Lake Ontario n/a note 1 Direct. (Located on Amherst Island)  
Canada VE3LS Goderich Main Lighthouse CA0054 Direct see Web
Canada VO1MCE Cape Race CA0006 VO1VCE Web
Canada VO1OK Lobster Cove Head. (300th entry 20 July) CA0040 LoTW  
Canada 13 VY2PLH East Point Lighthouse CA0048 Buro or direct Web
Chile CE1CA Punta Gruesa Norte de Chile CL0004 Via CE1CA see Web
Chile 2 XR6N Faro Morro Niebla CL0027 QSL mgr IK2DUW  
Costa Rica 1 TE8HRO Puntarenas. (New country) CR0001 27-6100 Cuidad Colon, San Jose, Costa Rica  
Cuba T46FY Faro Yaguanabo CU0012 None  
Cuba T48FM Faro de Maisi CU0001 CO8RH  
Cuba 3 T48LHH Punta Rasa Gibara CU0014 Buro  
Cyprus 1 ZC4SB Cape Gata CY0002 Direct only to G0SGB  
Denmark OV1LH Helnaes Fyr DK0020 Buro LoTW preferred Web
Denmark OZ/DL1BWU Bla'vand Fyr DK0001 Buro, e-QSL, LoTW  
Denmark OZ0IL Kegnes DK0003  
Denmark OZ0Q Stevns Fyr (New) DK0021 Via OZ7HAM Web
Denmark OZ2GBW Knudshoved Lighthouse DK0004 Buro to EDR club station OZ2NYB Web
Denmark OZ4DUE Dueodde Nord DK0030 Buro or direct to OZ9XU, LoTW, e-QSL, QRZ, Club log Web
Denmark OZ4HAM Hammer Fyr DK0015 Buro or direct Web
Denmark 8 OZ5GRE Fornaes DK0010 Buro to EDR Club Station OZ5GRE Web
England 2E0HPI Seaham North Breakwater UK0210 2E0HPI (Saturday only) Web
England 2E0HPI South Gare Lighthouse UK0211 2E0HPI (Sunday only) Web
England G4CW Cross Ness UK0095 Buro  
England GB0BMB Beaulieu Millenium Beacon UK0002 Buro. (IO90HS, SZ449986, WAB SZ49)  
England GB0NL Newhaven Lighthouse UK0190 Buro. (Downland Radio Group & Newhave Fort Amateur Radio Group)  
England GB0PL Paull Lighthouse UK0017 Buro Web
England GB0TBW Trinity Buoy Wharf UK0030 Buro Web
England GB1DLH Dungeness Lighthouses, New & Old UK0059-60 Buro Web
England GB1GL Former Lightship "Royal Sovereign" n/a Note 1 e-QSL. (Vessel now named "Mary Mouse 2" moored in Gosport Harbour) Web
England GB1PBL Portland Bill (Operational) UK0073 Direct only to G1OCN  
England GB2BHL Bidstonhill Lighthouse UK0180 Via G0VEO  
England GB2HLH Hunstanton Lighthouse UK0011 Buro Web
England GB2RL Roker Lighthouse UK0099 Buro or via G7OCK with SASE pls.  
England GB2SJ Souter Lighthouse UK0026 Buro Web
England GB2TCL Thorngumbald High and Low Lights UK0149-150 Via G1TDN Web
England GB2WLH Withernsea UK0013 Buro Web
England GB4CL Cromer Lighthouse UK0076 e-QSL Web
England GB4FL Flamborough Head UK0006 E-QSL  
England GB4FCL Flamborough Chalk UK0005 E_QSL  
England GB4LL Leasowe Lighthouse UK0014 Buro or direct to G4WUA +SASE Web
England GB4WL Whitgift Lighthouse UK0113 LoTW & e-QSL only  
England GB5HCL Hurst Point Low (Hurst Castle) UK0012 Buro or direct via M0KZC  
England GB6NT Naze Tower UK0212 E-QSL, or G6XOU via buro or direct Web
England GB8SL Shoreham Lighthouse UK0023 Buro Web
England M0MTY Dovercourt Bay Lights UK0153-4 E-QSL, Buro Web
England 26 M3DPQ Southwold UK0050 Direct only. (40 and 20 only)  
Finland OF100FI-1 Kylmapihlaja FI0002 Buro (Club Station OH1AM) Special call for 100 years of independence  
Finland OF3TAM Isokari Enskar FI0016 Buro preferred or e-QSL (Tampere ARC OH3NE 100 years of Independence) Web
Finland OH1AF Sappi FI0004 Buro or LoTW  
Finland OH1AH Uto FI0007 Buro Web
Finland 5 OH5B Luovukkaluoto FI0023 Buro or direct  
France F5OHH Pointe du Scal FR0021 Buro, e-QSL Web
France TM0BSM Berck-sur-Mer FR0014 Via DK5OPA Web
France 3 TM0LHG Petit-Fort Philippe FR0002 Via PA0HEL / buro Web
Germany DA0DAG St Peter-Boehl DE0062 Buro  
Germany DA0LHT Brunsbuettel Lighthouses (6) DE0108-113  
Germany DA0WLH Warnemuende DE0064 DARC buro Web
Germany DA2017LH Fluegge Lighthouse DE0008 Via DJ2HD (Also DL3DXX, DJ2BQ, DH3WO) Web
Germany DF0MF Lightship "Amrumbank" DE0059 DL1BIZ buro or direct  
Germany DF0SX Lindau Westmole DE0138 Buro  
Germany DF0VK Wilhelm-Rumpf-Str. 34 DE0073 Buro  
Germany DF0WLG Greifswalder Oie DE0009 Web
Germany DF7HH Old Tower light Balje DE0128 e-QSL, direct or via Darc buro Web
Germany DH0GAK Helgoland Lighthouse DE0067 Buro and direct  
Germany DH9JK Staberhuk DE0047 Buro or direct see (Other op DH7RK)  
Germany DJ9QE Oland Light. 100th entry DE0023 Buro,, or direct Web
Germany DK0DAN Knock DE0049 Buro  
Germany DK0IZ Gluckstadt Nordmole Light DE0082 Buro or direct  
Germany DK0MTR Upper Fire Lemwerder DE0124 Buro via DK2KL Web
Germany DK0RA Altenbruch Unterfeuer (Old) DE0050 Buro Web
Germany DK0RZ Pellworm DE0024 Buro Web
Germany DK4LEH Neuland DE0022 Buro  
Germany DK5CM Pilsumer Leuchtturm DE0066 LoTW, buro Web
Germany DL0CUX Lightvessel "Elbe1" DE0037 Buro (Also Lighthouse Alte Liebe DE0036) Web
Germany DL0EJ Timmendorf-Pohl DE0027 Buro  
Germany DL0EM Lighthouse Campen DE0048 DJ6ZJ buro or direct  
Germany DL0EO Eckenforde DE0005 Buro Web
Germany DL0HGW Cape Arkona New Tower DE0002 Buro, e-QSL Web
Germany DL0HOA Falshoeft DE0007 Buro  
Germany DL0IPA Lightship Elbe I - Burgemeister O"Swald II DE0037 Buro Web
Germany DL0KIS Pelzerhaken DE0025 Buro  
Germany DL0LGT Voslapp Oberfeuer DE0132 Via DARC  
Germany DL0LNW Lighthouse Nweuwerk DE0016 Via DL1LAD or DE2HUW  
Germany DL0MFH Lightship LV-13 - (Trinity House) DE0019 Buro  
Germany DL0MFK Karnin / Usedom DE0013 Buro or DL2ARH Web
Germany DL0MFN Peenemuende Lighthouse DE0099 Buro  
Germany DL0RWE Old Lighthouse Borkum DE0047 Buro  
Germany DL0SY Hornum DE0104 Buro,  
Germany DL0SY Kampen / Rotes Kliff DE0106 Buro,  
Germany DL0SY List West DE0103 Buro,  
Germany DL0SY List Ost DE0102 Buro,  
Germany DL0TO Old Travemuende DE0028 Buro Web
Germany DL0YLM Lightship "Leose Rende" DE0061 Buro  
Germany DL0ZA Tossens Oberfeuer DE0053 Buro Web
Germany DL2KMK Buk Bastorf DE0001 DL2KMK Web
Germany DL3BBN Bremen Uberseehafen Sudmole Mauseturm DE0134 DARC buro  
Germany DL3KZA+ Gellen DE0090 Home call. (Other op DL7UVO)  
Germany DL5HF Bubendey-Ufer Oberfeuer DE0114 Buro, Club Log, Direct, e-Qsl or LoTW Web
Germany DL5SE Marienleuchte new & old DE0051-52 Buro  
Germany DL7AG Kamp-Karnin Oberfeuer DE0072 e-QSL, buro, LoTW Web
Germany DL7ANC Buk / Bastorf DE0001 Buro, e-QSL, direct Web
Germany DM1SW Eckwarden Oberfeuer DE0130 Buro or direct. (2nd op YL DO1SIM) Web
Germany DM2C Moritzburg DE0021 Buro, e-QSL Web
Germany DM5C Westmarkelsdorf DE0080 Buro Web
Germany 51 DM5EM Strukkamphuk (Fehmarn Island EU-128) n/a note 1 Buro Web
Gibraltar 1 ZB2LGT Europa Point Lighthouse GI0001 Via ZB2BU Web
Iceland 1 TF1IRA Knarraros Lighthouse IS0001 IRA buro, direct to TF3MH Web
India 1 AU2LH Betul Lighthouse, Goa IN0021  
Ireland EI1K Cromwell Point IE0001 Via EI9FVB, Web
Ireland EI0LHL Loop Head Lighthouse IE0009 Buro or direct via EI5HXB  
Ireland EI1OHL Old Head Lighthouse, Kinsale. IE0007 Via EI2KA Web
Ireland EI2WRC Hook Lighthouse IE0003 (The world's oldest operational Lighthouse) Web
Ireland EI7T Ballinacourty Lighthouse IE0018 Buro or direct Web
Ireland EI11WAW Dunree Lighthouse IE0016 N/A ask operator. (Special callsign for this year) Web
Ireland 7 EJ0L Arranmore Island Lighthouse IE0017 Direct only pls to MI0BPB Web
Italy I6HWD Pedaso IT0008 Buro or direct see Web
Italy 2 IQ3TS Victory Lighthouse IT0011 Buro or Web
Malaysia 9M4CJS Bukit Segenting MY0008 9M2ESM Web
Malaysia 9M4LHM Tg Lobang Lighthouse Miri MY0014 Direct to 9W8KIF or via  
Malaysia 9M4LMH Muka Head MY0019 Direct to 9M2RUL  
Malaysia 4 9M6SDX Tinagat Lighthouse (New) MY0020 See web Web
Malta 1 9H3?? (TBA) Delimara Point MT0001 Buro to DK9IP  
Mexico 4A3AA Villa de Isla Aguada MX0009 XE3AA  
Mexico 2 6E3A Faro de Sisal MX0008 XE3WM (Qsl Manager for 6E3A)  
Netherlands PA1VLD Vuurtoren Vlieland NL0015 e-QSL (Contactable via PI2NOS on Social Media before and after event)  
Netherlands PA25SCH Scheveningen SW Tower NL0025 Via manager PD2RKG Web
Netherlands PA3CNI Ameland NL0032 Buro  
Netherlands PA6FUN Schiermonnikoog South Tower NL0028 PA3HHT Web
Netherlands PA6LH Lighthouse van Speijk. 200th entry NL0014 Buro or direct to PA0XAW  
Netherlands PA6LST Lightship "Texel" NL0006 PI4ADH Web
Netherlands PA6R Vuurtoren Westhoofd Ouddorp NL0016, buro  
Netherlands PA6SCH Lighthouse Scheveningen NL0022 Via PI4DHG Web
Netherlands PA6URK Urk NL0013 (Ops 0600-1500utc)  
Netherlands PA6VEN De Ven NL0035 Buro to PD1JFB  
Netherlands PA/DL1KVN Eierland NL0048 N/A Web
Netherlands PD0FSB Lange Jaap Lighthouse NL0040 Via PD0FSB buro Web
Netherlands PG6N Noordwijk aan Zee NL0009 PA7DA via Buro Web
Netherlands PI4BOZ Willemstad NL0019 Buro  
Netherlands PI4SRN Calandkanaal High NL0033 Buro, direct e-QSL Web
Netherlands PI4VNW Het Hoge Light NL0003 Buro or direct Web
Netherlands 17 PI4ZHE Lightship "Noord Hinder" NL0036 PI4ZHE Web
New Zealand ZL1KBR "Kiwi" Bean Rock NZ0011 Via ZL1SLO Web
New Zealand ZL2AB Cape Egmont NZ0003 Via ZL2KGF Web
New Zealand ZL2LHW Karori Rock NZ0017 Buro Web
New Zealand ZL2SEA Katiki Point / Moeraki NZ?? Direct  
New Zealand ZL6CC Cape Campbell NZ0001 Buro  
New Zealand 6 ZL6LH Piha Lighthouse NZ0006 QSL cards sent to all Web
Nth Ireland GN0LIX Chaine Tower UK0033 Bia buro and Web
Nth Ireland MN0GKL Rathlin Upper and Lower UK0055-56 (Bushvalley Amateur Radio Club) Web
Nth Ireland MN0GKL Rue Point UK0185   "
Nth Ireland 4 MN0GKL Rathlin West UK0217   "
Norway LA6OP Grytoey NO?? To LA6OP via buro and / or direct. EU-062  
Norway 2 LI5TA Lista Lighthouse NO0003 Buro via LA4F (A social weekend for NRRL clubs) Web
Panama 1 3E1L Panama Canal, Miraflores LH PA0002 Via HP1RCP and Web
Poland 1 3Z20ILLW Jaroslawiec PL0014 Cards only via Buro or direct. (6 operators in total)  
Portugal CR1FF Farol da Ponta Ferraria PT0021 Buro or direct to CS5NRA. (Locator HM77bu) Web
Portugal CR5CC Cabo Carvoeiro PT0002 Buro or via CS5NRA, also see Web
Portugal CR5CM Lighthouse Cabo Mondego PT0013 Buro or direct to CS5NRA Web
Portugal CR5SV Cabo de Sao Vicente PT0011 Buro to CT1DBS or direct to CS5NRA Web
Portugal CR6L Cabo Raso - Cascais PT0003 CT1FHI Web
Portugal CR6LH Cabo Espichel PT0005 CT1GZB Buro or direct Web
Portugal CS2LH Cabo da Roca PT0015 Buro or direct Web
Portugal 8 CT7/DC2CT Aveiro Lighthouse PT0018 DC2CT  
Puerto Rico KP3RE Cabo San Juan PR0002 Direct+SASE, LoTW  
Puerto Rico KP4FRA El Morro PR0011 PO Box 2008, Guayama, PR 00785, e-QSL Web
Puerto Rico KP4FRA Punta Figuras PR0010 e-QSL, direct or  
Puerto Rico KP3LH Punta Tuna PR0008 Buro or direct Web
Puerto Rico 5 KP4LH Los Morillos de Cabo Rojo PR0001 Web
Scotland 2M0KAU Scurdiness UK0189 Direct, buro, e-QSL Web
Scotland 2M0ROT The Perch, Port Glasgow UK0200 e-QSL, email Web
Scotland GB1OL Cantik Head UK0195 MM5DWW Web
Scotland GB2AL Ardnamurchan Lighthouse UK0017 Via buro or direct to GM3ALZ. (Most Westerly Light in UK) Web
Scotland GB2ELH Eshaness Lighthouse, EU-012 UK0058 GM0GFL Web
Scotland GB2LBN Barns Ness UK0034 Buro, dirct, LoTW, e-QSL Web
Scotland GM3TKV Covsea Lossiemouth Skerries UK0204 Buro Web
Scotland GM4GRC Elie Ness UK0155 Buro  
Scotland GM4NFI Fladda Light UK0139 Buro, e-QSL or LoTW. (Very WX dependant. On an uninhabited Island)  
Scotland GS2UG Southerness UK0042 Buro. (GS2UG is Halifax ARC)  
Scotland MM0IMC Ardrossan Lighthouse UK0089 Buro. (QRP ops)  
Scotland 12 MS0NFC Ushenish Lighthouse UK0124 e-QSL Web
Serbia 1 YU1CA Tamis River West RS0001 Direct or buro. New Country  
South Africa TBA Great Fish Point ZA0024 SARL buro  
South Africa ZS1BAK Cape Agulhas ZA0011 Buro Web
South Africa ZS1CT Green Point, Cape Town ZA0006 Buro or LoTW Web
South Africa ZS1FRC Slangkop Lighthouse ZA0015 Ask op  
South Africa ZS1OAR Danger Point ZA0005 Direct to ZS1OAR. (Ops ZR1ACI , ZS1UP, ZS1EZ)  
South Africa ZS2G Cape Receife ZA0022 Buro Web
South Africa ZS2PE Seal Point ZA0021 Buro Web
South Africa ZS2ZU Donkin Reserve ZA0023 Buro Web
South Africa ZS5D Cooper Lighthouse ZA0004 Buro Web
South Africa ZS5HAC North San Bluff ZA0016 Buro  
South Africa 11 ZS5HAM Green Point, Clansthal ZA0018 Via SARL buro  
Spain 1 EG1LWV Cabo Vilano ES0002 Via EA1HNP  
Sweden 7S0SFJ Lightship Finngrundet SE0013 Buro via SK0QO Web
Sweden 7S5LH Mem SE0054 Via SK5BN Web
Sweden 7S6TL Tistlarna SE0026 Buro Web
Sweden 8S6NAV Naven SE0017 SK6LR Web
Sweden SD5F Fjuk SE0068 Via SM6GOR buro or direct Web
Sweden SK0MG Landsort SE0012 Buro Web
Sweden SK3BG Gran SE0070 TBA  
Sweden SK6MA Visingo SE0029 SSA Buro Web
Sweden SK7L Segerstad SE0020 Via SK7CA Web
Sweden SK7RN Lange Erik. EU-037 SE0011 Buro. North Point Oeland Island Web
Sweden 11 SM1TDE Ostergarnsholm East and West (new) SE0071-72 Buro. (West old SE0073) Web
Switzerland 1 HB9ILLW Romanshorn CH0004 HB9LR Web
Taiwan 1 BV1EJ Santiao Chiao Lighthouse TW0003 (Mainly 10 meters)  
USA K1LX Permaquid Point, ME US0124  
USA K1N Newburyport Harbor Light Plum Island US0108 K1YRD on Web
USA K2QS Esopus Meadows US0065 WK2T Web
USA K2R Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse US0101 Via W2DST on Web
USA K2USA Sandyhook, NJ US0035 N/A Web
USA K3OBX Currituck Beach US0220 742 Hammond Ln. Corolla, NC 27927  
USA K4WP Tybee Island US0074 LoTW. (Loc: GA009S)  
USA K6PV Point Vicente Lighthouse US0033 Palos Verdes ARC PO Box 2316, Palos Verdes, CA 90274 Web
USA K7CCH Umpqua River US0040 Direct Web
USA K8L Lorain Lighthouse US0143 LoTW, e-QSL, direct. (other op KB8ZUN) 100th anniversary of the lighthouse Web
USA KC1CUE Point Judith Light, Rhode Island US0222 Web
USA KC8WIT Marble Head Lighthouse US0069 KC8WIT at e-QSL  
USA KG7OCP Burrows Island Light US0217 LoTW Web
USA N1EV Sheffield Island Lighthouse US0037 Direct see web site Web
USA N1KSC Cape Canaveral Lighthouse US0099 LoTW, e_QSL, direct Web
USA N1ME Fort Point US0071 Direct +SASE pls, e-QSL, LoTW Web
USA N2CMC Cape May US0011 SASE CMCARC PO Box 601, Cape May Court House, NJ08210 USA Web
USA N2KW Little Red Lighthouse (Jeffrey's Hook) US0216 N2KW  
USA N3P Jones Point. (Note 3) US0167 LoTW, direct. (May also use call W3HAC) Web
USA N4AUG Saint Augustine Lighthouse US0198 Buro Web
USA N4EAR Boca Grande US0004 EARS, PO Box 572, Englewood FL 34295  
USA N4J Jupiter Lighthouse US0025 Via AJ4JPW + SASE pls Web
USA N5CRP Lydia Ann US0166 Web
USA N6AU Cattle Point Light, San Juan Island US0212 Via N6AU Web
USA N7D New Dungeness WA. (Grid CN88ke) US0218 Via K7INA see SASE Req'd.  
USA NH6HI Ninini Point US0195 Direct with SASE Web
USA W1JHS Ladies Delight Lighthouse n/a note1,2 Buro Web
USA W1NLS Lightship Nantucket LV-112 US0102 Web
USA W1QK Avery Point Lighthouse US0190 Log will be uploaded to LoTW, or direct via W1QK + SASE pls Web
USA W1SYE Beavertail Lighthouse US0156 LoTW Web
USA W1TUK Sankaty Head US0135 None  
USA W1XQ Halfmoon Reef Lighthouse US0221 W1XQ direct Web
USA W2GSB Fire Island Lighthouse US0019 W2GSB Web
USA W2H Hereford Inlet Lighthouse US0103 Via KA3LKM. (Audubon ARC sponsoring special event station W2H) Web
USA W2LGA Verona Beach Lighthouse. Cancelled US0184 Direct or e-QSL Web
USA W2M Montauk Point, NY US0054 K2EC Web
USA W2QYV Fort Niagara US0048  
USA W2RC Old Field Point US0148 W2RC Web
USA W2SO Dunkirk (Lake Erie), NY US0016 Web
USA W5BMC Southwest Reef Lighthouse US0176 708 Front Street, Morgan City La 70380 USA Web
USA W5GAD New Canal Lighthouse US0162 SASE to JARC, PO Box 73665, Metairie, LA 70033 Web
USA W6KRF Rubicon Point n/a note 1    
USA W7AVM Admiralty Head WA US0002 ICARC POB 352 Coupeville WA 98239 Web
USA W7AW Alki Point US0100 LoTW, Buro Web
USA W7BU Columbia Lightship WLV-604, OR US0055 SASE PO Box 264, Astoria OR 97103  
USA W7L Heceta Head Lighthouse US0022 LoTW or direct POB 254 Florence, OR 97439 Web
USA W9LY Michigan City US0079  
USA WA2DQL Oak Orchard US0157 See web page Web
USA 49 WA4DDH Amelia Island Lighthouse US0219 WA4DDH. (Permanent Ham station based here)  
Wales GB1BPL Burry Port Harbour Lighthouse UK0044 Buro Web
Wales GB2TD Penmon / Tryn Ddu UK0047 Buro  
Wales 3 GW4WXM Point of Air Talacare UK0205 e-QSL  

Note 1: Does not conform to the guidelines.

Note 2: Ladies Delight: 1908 (Frank Morse). Active in season; flashing white light. 16 ft (5 m) round stone tower, painted white, with wood lantern and gallery. Anderson's page has good photos, and Google has a satellite view. In 2000 the lighthouse was considered endangered, leaning and in need of restoration. Repairs in 2001 brought the tower back to vertical. In 2005 a new aluminum lantern was installed. The lighthouse has its own web page. Located on a reef in Lake Cobbosseecontee about 1 mile (1.5 km) south of Island Park in Manchester and 10 miles (16 km) west of Augusta, the state capital. Accessible only by boat. Site and tower closed. Site manager: Cobbosseecontee Yacht Club.

Note 3: This will be a formal event in partnership with the National Park Service. Additionally, we will also make this a part of an activation for the World Wide Flora and Fauna Program / KFF-0670

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