International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend - ILLW

Normally held on the 3rd full weekend in August

This year: 00.01 UTC 22nd August to 2400 UTC 23rd August 2020 (48 hours)

(Note change of weekend out of respect for those commemorating the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific (VP) day on 15th August 2020)

Next year: 00.01 UTC 21st August to 2400 UTC 22nd August 2021 (48 hours)



Please note that the ILLW for 2020 will NOT be cancelled due to the impact of the Corona virus. Participation will be the decision of each entrant depending on their own circumstances and Government rulings regarding border and national parks closures and social contact etc.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die ILLW für 2020 aufgrund der Auswirkungen des Corona-Virus NICHT annulliert wird. Die Teilnahme ist die Entscheidung jedes Teilnehmers in Abhängigkeit von seinen eigenen Umständen und Regierungsentscheidungen in Bezug auf Grenzen und sozialen Kontakt usw.

Tenga en cuenta que el ILLW para 2020 NO se cancelará debido al impacto del virus Corona. La participación será la decisión de cada participante según sus propias circunstancias y las decisiones del gobierno con respecto a las fronteras y el contacto social, etc.



For some reason or other August seems to have become the international weekend for lighthouses. Countries all over the world have become involved in one for or another of lighthouse activity. Some years ago the United States Congress declared August 7th as their National Lighthouse Day and during that first week in August amateur radio operators in America set up portable stations at lighthouses and endeavour to make contact with each other. This event is known as the US National Lighthouse Week.

In Britain the Association of Lighthouse Keepers, ALK, conducts International Lighthouse Heritage Weekend on the same weekend as the ILLW in August. Their objective is to encourage Lighthouse managers, keepers and owners to open their lighthouse or lightstation and related visitors centres to the public with a view to raising the profile of lighthouses, lightvessels and other navigational aids, and preserving our maritime heritage.

akmanrags latvia

Akmenrags Lighthouse, Latvia.

However, the major event which takes place in August is the International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend, ILLW, which came into being in 1998 as the Scottish Northern Lights Award run by the Ayr Amateur Radio Group. The history of this event can be found elsewhere on this site. The ILLW usually takes place on the 3rd full weekend in August each year and attracts over 500 lighthouse entries located in over 40 countries. It is one of the most popular international amateur radio events in existence probably because there are very few rules and it is not the usual contest type event. It is also free and there are no prizes for contacting large numbers of other stations. There is little doubt that the month of August has become "Lighthouse Month" due largely to the popularity and growth of the ILLW.

Please note, an ILLW Flyer is available for download and printing if you want to hand out to visitors. See links in sub menu on the left.


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Reports from entrants in the 2019 ILLW event.

 Please send photos as attachments rather than embed them in the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks once again to all the entrants for joining in the fun of the Lighthouse Weekend and for making it another wonderful year.

Web Links, Youtube etc. These are just some of the Youtube videos that I did a search on. Enjoy:-




 From: w2lga illw 2019

Fred Legawiec, W2LGA

Message: Kevin, Another great event under your belt! You guys do a SUPER job and as always … it was fun! Weather in Oswego, NY did not cooperate much as we had bad thunderstorms and high winds both days. We managed though as Hams do!!Thank you once again … already looking forward to net year!!








 From Portugal:Farol Sines 2019 1farol Sines 2019

The CS2LH callsign, that ARRLx - Associção de Radioamadores da Região de 
Lisboa - has been using for the last 5 years for the ILLW - 
International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend - was active this year at 
the Farol do Cabo de Sines - Lighthouse at Cape Sines -  reference ILLW 
 From Friday 16th until Sunday 18th, operators Slavomira Doktorovova - 
CR7ARW, António Viegas - CT2IXQ, Paul Schulinck - CT7AGR e Hugo Silva 
CT7AOV were active with the callsing CS2LH in phone (SSB and FM) and CW, 
in several HF bands and 2m VHF.


cape campbell nzFrom New Zealand:campbell nz

Cape Campbell is on a rather exposed promontory on the East Coast of the South Island, about 40 – 50 km south of Picton. It is thus somewhat at the mercy of the weather. In previous years we have had very good weather and therefore the conditions for raising the antennas quite tolerable and even pleasant. One of these years, however, we knew we would strike it rough.  2019 was that year!  A very strong cold wind and steady rain as we left Blenheim to drive south to Cape Campbell was ominous and conditions were no better at the Cape.  Our 40m vertical by the waters edge was more of a 45 degree sloper in the wind and raising a 17m pole for the G5RV dipole not a lot of fun! However, along with a 20m vertical, the antennas acquitted themselves well once we got the station established in the warmth and comfort of the old lighthouse keepers quarters.

We used an IC-706 MkIIG, supplemented occasionally by a linear amplifier when needed.

Activity (or was it conditions?) seemed somewhat less than last year but we did work a number of mainly Australian and other NZ lighthouse stations. Six of us from Marlborough Amateur Radio Club braved the elements and eventually enjoyed a relaxed laid-back weekend at the unusual location.

Incidently, those who have seen the film “Light Between Oceans” will have seen something of the Cape Campbell lighthouse and as that was the location for the film.

Many thanks to the event organisers  -  much appreciated!

MARC (NZART Branch 22) Lighthouse Team

 From Germany:dm2c team 2019

Name & Callsign: Steffen, DM6WAN

Message: We had some problems this year 2019.
In Saxony festivities were at the beginning of the school weekend, which prevented some OM's. On the other hand, we were only one day before the ILLW the commitment to use the lighthouse area. Therefore, we could only participate with a small team at short notice and only on Saturday at the ILLW. Especially for our newcomers DO5SMM and DO6JKC it was the first major field day and an opportunity to test their own equipment.
The results were satisfactory for all of us considering the modest antennas (long wire and small vertical antenna, respectively).
We hope to be active again in 2020, then again with "full strength"
CUAGN 2010.
The team of DM2C / LH








 From VK4GHL, Far North Queensland:-Grassy LtHo 2019


We had 6 of us at the lighthouse site 5 Amateurs and a PNG friend.

It was a great weekend and not as windy as usual. We had lots stop by for a talk and see what we were doing.

The Cooktown Historical Society members made us a nice fresh fruit cake and took photo's for the local newspaper.

Once again the Mayor and Cook Shire Council fully supported our efforts - which is very much appreciated.

There was many contacts to other Australian, New Zealand and Malaysian lighthouse stations plus many other stations who wished to contact the Lighthouse Stations - which is great.

We try various transceivers and antenna types each year as part of the experimentation part of our hobby and don't become discouraged by predictions as we always seem to be able to make contacts.

Its a unique Amateur Radio Event that has Social, Technical, Historical and Community attributes which brings our hobby to the community and show them that we are ordinary folk who have a unique hobby.

Thanks to Kevin vk2ce for his long term efforts in guiding the event along the path to the success it now is - these events just don't happen by accident they need "wise heads and a steady hand at the helm".

Thanks to all who took part and we'll be back again next year when it will commemorate the Voyage of HM Barque Endeavour with Lt James Cook RN as Master - they stayed at Cooktown to carry out repairs after running into a reef nearby.

Mike for VK4GHL Grassy Hill Lighthouse COOKTOWN AU0019


 From Sri Lanka:-sri lanka 2019 1

Hi Kevin, I'm 4S6DSI from Sri Lanka Amateur Radio Association.  To commemorate the 22nd "International Lighthouse Day", we got together and celibrated with our members at the Chapel Hill Lighthouse in Trincomalee.  We are thanking you for organizing this and we will hope to meet you next year with another experience. 







 From Italy:- (See Youtube: II1CM 02

My team participated the ILLW for the first time, activating Capo Mele lighthouse IT0030 with the special callsign II1CM.

It was an amazing experience: good propagation conditions, sunny day and a stunning location.

My team will definitively replicate such experience next year


IZ1PKI Alessandro  and IK1RDV-IK1HJS-IZ1MLT-IZ1REU  (Gruppo Radio Liguria team)

II1CM 35


 From Tasmania:-table cape

Hi Kevin,

A few photos for you to have a look at from our weekend at Table Cape light house AU0039.
Wayne, VK7NET and myself, Dick VK7DIK  and my XYL Heather had a great weekend.

We arrived early Friday morning with awful weather. It was windy with plenty of rain, really awful.
By the time the guy who was to let us into the Lighthouse turned up the weather had improve and continued to improve and was fairly good for the rest of the weekend.

Table Cape is an excellent spot for radio and we worked a lot of stations. Light house numbers we contacted was down this year. Perhaps we should have a couple of liaison frequencies. We operated mainly on 80 40 and 20 meters. Radio equipment was a ZS6BKW antenna pulled up the side of the Light House. Kenwood TS480 radio and SPE amplifier.

We had several local amateur drop in to see how we were going over the weekend as well as tourists asking us what it was all about.

As I said before, a great weekend.

Cheers, Dick.


From VK3DX, Victoria, Australia:-whalers bluff2whalers bluff1

Organised by Greg (VK3UT); Peter (VK3PAH) and Shaun (VK3VLY) and ably assisted by Scott (VK3FSPN); Robert (VK3ARM); John (VK3FJET); David (VK3HAQ); Paul (VK3HJV); Nick (KV3BA) and Denis (VK3VET).

The “Whaler’s Bluff Amateur Radio DX Group” (VK3DX) used three antennae comprising an 80 metre folded dipole attached to a “Hertical”, a 50 foot fibreglass mast, which according to wind strength was either mostly horizonal or mostly vertical; a 40 metre Spiderbeam and a multiband band Off Centre Fed Dipole. The feeds went through a tuner into an IC-7700 provided by Greg.

There were 87 logged contacts across 80, 40 and 20 metres with 80 metres the most active. Of the contacts 6 were from USA across California, Arizona, Washington (State) and Oregon. Believe it or not the Oregon contact was from Frank in Portland (N7EKD).

Most importantly the group had a great weekend of fellowship with a lot of reminiscing and laughter. The gourmet feasts were provided by Peter and enjoyed by all and washed down with the odd frothy headed cup of tea or coffee.

The group sincerely thanks the managers of the Portland Bay Holiday Park for their kind hospitality and allowing “Hertical” and Spiderbeam to be erected and for the late checkout on Sunday. The spot has been booked for August 2020.

Whaler’s Bluff Amateur Radio DX Group.




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0001 UTC 22 AUGUST 2020 TO 2400 UTC 23 AUGUST 2020 (48 hours or part thereof).
(Please note change of weekend out of respect for those who wish to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Pacific, VP day, on 15 August 2020)


Please note that the ILLW for 2020 will NOT be cancelled due to the impact of the Corona virus. Participation will be the decision of each entrant depending on their own circumstances and Government rulings regarding borders and social contact etc. which, of course, must be adhered to.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass die ILLW für 2020 aufgrund der Auswirkungen des Corona-Virus NICHT annulliert wird. Die Teilnahme ist die Entscheidung jedes Teilnehmers in Abhängigkeit von seinen eigenen Umständen und Regierungsentscheidungen in Bezug auf Grenzen und sozialen Kontakt usw.

Tenga en cuenta que el ILLW para 2020 NO se cancelará debido al impacto del virus Corona. La participación será la decisión de cada participante según sus propias circunstancias y las decisiones del gobierno con respecto a las fronteras y el contacto social, etc.

Official List of Registrations - 2020 Total= 279

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ILLW lighthouse Numbers Spotter Page Please Donate lighthouse 24 279677

QRZ callsign lookup:
Country Call Lighthouse Name ILLW No. QSL Route and other info. Web
Argentina L25D Faro Punta Medanos AR0012 Direct Web
Argentina LU2DT Faro Punta Mogotes AR0013 Direct: CC 664CP 7600, or buro or e-QSL Web
Argentina LU9JMG Faro Stella Maris AR0020 Electronic only via web site Web
Argentina LW9ECR Querandi AR0034 Via LW9ECR  
Australia VK2BOR Tacking Point Lighthouse AU0034 Buro Web
Australia VK2DLR Ballina AU0001 Buro Web
Australia VK2EP Smoky Cape AU0032 See web Web
Australia VK2FDU Kiama Harbour AU0099 VK2FDU Web
Australia VK2FRE Crowdy Head AU0044 Buro  
Australia VK2HBG Warden Head Lighthousee AU0035 Buro or direct  
Australia VK2IAN Crookhaven Heads AU0047 Direct. (QRP station and NVIS. WX dependent)  
Australia VK2IO Hornby Lighthouse AU0041 e-QSL. Sydney Harbour Nat Park VKFF-0473 Web
Australia VK2MB Barrenjoey Lighthouse AU0046 Buro Web
Australia VK2PEL Clarence Head Lighthouse AU0013 TBA  
Australia VK2SRC Evans Head AU0018 Direct to SARC, 412 Richmond Hill Road, Richmond Hill, NSW 2480. Web
Australia VK2BV Macquarie Light, Sydney AU0022 Buro. (Ops Sat only) Web
Australia VK2WRC Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse AU0033 Buro. (Wauchope ARC) Web
Australia VK3DX Whalers Bluff AU0117 Via VK3UT  
Australia VK3EG Point Hicks AU0027 VK3EK PO Box 688 Bairnsdale Vic. 3875  
Australia VK3OLS Cape Otway Lightstation AU0011 Buro  
Australia VK3WI Williamstown Time Ball Tower AU0036 Buro Web
Australia VK3SPL Split Point Lighthouse AU0032 Buro Web
Australia VK4BAR Cleveland Point AU0014 Buro or direct to PO Box 411 Capalaba, Qld 4157 Web
Australia VK5BWR Lowly Point Lighthouse AU0021 See web site Web
Australia VK4CQR Sea Hill Lighthouse, Qld. AU0060 e-QSL. (Ops from Keeper's cottage.) Web
Australia VK4GHL  Grassy Hill Lighthouse, Cooktown AU0019  Buro (250th anniversary of Cook's visit to Cooktown)  
Australia VK5ARC Point Malcolm AU0029 Buro Web
Australia VK5CJL Cape Jervis Lighthouse AU0094 Via VK5AR  
Australia VK5PBZ Cape Donington AU0130 PO Box 2870 Port Lincoln, SA Web
Australia VK5PBZ Port Germein AU0069 PO Box 2870 Port Lincoln SA Web
Australia VK6ARG Cape Naturaliste AU0010 Buro. (Peel Amateur Radio Group.) Web
Australia VK6ARG Marlestone Hill / Casuarina. Cancelled AU0086 Buro. (Peel Amateur Radio Group.) Web
Australia VK6CLL Cape Leewin AU0008 Buro.   
Australia VK6CNL Cape Naturaliste AU0010 e-QSL. (Ops by Caves LH Group, Sat. and Peel AR Group, Sunday) Web
Australia VK7KT Round Hill Point AU0111 e-QSL Web
Australia VK7LH Low Head AU0048 Buro  
Australia VK7NET Table Cape Lighthouse AU0039 Buro (Other ops VK7EK, VK7DIK)  
Australia VK7TM Bluff Hill Point AU0081 e-QSL Web
Belgium ON9BD "Westhinder 3" lightship BE0006 via ON6EF to e-QSL, buro or direct. (Ops from lightship) Web
Belgium ON8CL Lange Nelle BE0008 e-QSL  
Belgium OT4V "Wesrhinder l" lightship BE0004 LoTW, e-QSL, Club log OQORS Web
Bonaire PJ4DX+ Spelonk Lighthouse BQ0001 Via M0URX. (PJ4KY, PJ4NX plus other ops)  
Canada TBA Sheringham Point CA0068 TBA Web
Canada VA3BD Christian Island Lighthouse CA0008 Direct  
Canada VE3ERC Point Clark, Ontario CA0011 e-QSL Web
Canada VE3GWS Nine Mile Point CA0031 e-QSL  
Canada VE3IHR Kincardine Lighthouse museum CA0063 e-QSL Web
Canada VE3RMI Janet Head Lighthouse (See Note 5) CA0071 Via VE3RMI Web
Canada VE3UCC Point Petre CA0026 e-QSL  
Canada VE7IVN Scarlett Point CA0027 Direct. (Op is Senior Keeper of 12 years at Light)  
Canada VO2MPR Point Amour. (See Note 3) CA0070 VE9CB Web
Canada VY2PLH Wood Islands CA0051 Direct Web
Chile CB2J Faro Curaumilla CL0017 e-QSL Web
Corsica  TK/DJ0TP Phare d'Alistro FR0030 Direct, LoTW, Buro. (New Country and new Lighthouse)  
Cuba T43SD San Dionisio CU0015 CO3JK Web
Cuba T45FM Punta Maya Lighthouse CU0005 Mgr RW6HS  
Denmark OZ0MF Nordborg Als DK0006 Via DF5LW  
Denmark OV1LH lighthouse 16 279677 Helnaes Fyr DK0020 Buro and LoTW Web
Denmark OV1LHH Hanstholm DK0035 Buro via PA0HEL  
Denmark OZ1IL Kegnaes DK0003 DL1UWE Web
Denmark OZ4HAM Hammeren DK0015 Buro or direct Web
Denmark OZ5GRE Fornaes DK0010 Buro to EDR Club Stn OZ5GRE. (Loc JO56LK Web
Denmark OZ/DK9LO Sletterhage DK0017 Buro  
Denmark OZ / DL0GSH Nakkehoved Fyr DK0019 Via DJ4JI. (Other ops DL2AAE, DL3AAG)  
Denmark OZ / DL1DTS Dueodde DK0025 Direct. (OpsDL1DTS, DL2DVL)  
England GB0AVL The Avonmouth Lights, Nth & Sth UK0225-6 Buro to G4GCT Web
England GB0NFL North Foreland UK0128 Direct or e-QSL Web
England GB0NL Newhaven Lighthouse UK0190 Buro (ops by Downland Ragio Group)  
England GB0TBW Trinity Buoy Wharf Training Lighthouse UK0030 RSGB buro Web
England GB1PBL Portland Bill UK0019 Direct only. (Also UK0020, UK0073) Web
England GB2BHL Bidston Hill UK0180 e-QSL  
England GB2RL Roker Light UK0099 Buro  
England GB4HPL Hartland Point UK0111 G4GSA direct see  
England GB4LL Leasowe Lighthouse UK0014 None  
England GB4WL Whitgift Lighthouse UK0113 e-QSL, LoTW   
England GB5HCL Hurst Castle (Low) UK0012 Direct to M0KZC or buro  
England GB5PSL Plover Scar Lighthouse UK0018 2E0ZDX Web
England GB6NT Naze Tower UK0212 iswlburo at, buro, e-QSL Web
England M0MJA Teignmouth (The Den) UK0182 Direct  
England M0MNG Shoreham Lighthouse UK0023 Direct MoMNG Web
England M0NXF Godrevy Lighthouse, Cornwall UK0230 Buro, direct, e-QSL Web
England M3DPQ Beachy Head Lighthouse UK0104 Direct only  
Finland OG8L Marjaniemi FI0025 OH8CW Web
Finland OH1AH Uto FI0007 Buro Web
Finland OH1AM Kylmapihlaja FI0002 Buro  
Finland OH3JJ Isokari FI0016 Buro. (OHFF 0040, IOTA EU096)  
Finland OH5B Luovukkaluoto FI0023 Buro or direct via OH5MNH  
France TM0BSM Berck sur Mer.  FR0014 QSL mgr DK5OPA (DJ8EI DJ5KX DL5KA DL8KR DL1DCT DK5OPA) Web
France TM2LW Kerprigent FR0031 Buro, direct see QRZ via F4ELJ Web
France TM5GV Phare de Gatteville FR0032 F5NED via buro  
Germany DA0DAG St Peter Boehl DE0062 Buro or direct to DL8LD  
Germany DA0DFF Oland DE0023 Buro  
Germany DA0LCC Weldorf Upper Lighthouse DE0034 Buro Web
Germany DF0MF Lightship Amrumbank DE0059 Buro QRZ
Germany DF0TM Bremen Uberseehafen Sudmole/ Mauseturm DE0134 Buro  
Germany DF0VK Timmerndorf DE0027 Buro  
Germany DF0WLG Greifswalder Oie DE0009 Buro to DM5DX Web
Germany DF7HH Old Tower Light Balje DE0128 e-QSL, Direct or buro. (Other ops HB9AYZ, HB9EVX, DJ2OC) Web
Germany DF8HS Marienleuchte old and new DE0051-52 Buro. (Loc JO54OL  
Germany DF9HC Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro  
Germany DG0GF Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro or  
Germany DH2SN Ueckermuende Westmole DE0029 e-QSL, buro or direct  
Germany DH7RK Staberhuk DE0047 Buro or direct see QRZ  
Germany DH9JK Staberhuk DE0047 Buro or direct see QRZ  
Germany DK0DAN Knock DE0049 Buro QRZ
Germany DK0IZ Guickstadt Nordmole DE0082 Direct Web
Germany DK0MTR Old Upper Fire Lemwerder DE0124 Buro Web
Germany DK0RA lighthouse 16 279677 Altenbruch Unterfeuer Old / Dicke Berta DE0050 Buro Web
Germany DH3RD Amrum DE0081 Buro  
Germany DK5T Lightship "Laesoe Rende" (Fyrskin No 15) DE0061 DK5ON direct or buro see  
Germany DL0DAB Ueckermuende DE0029 Buro and e-QSL Web
Germany DL0DFF Nordmarsch Cancelled DE0065 Buro. (Ops DL3HBZ, DL8HAL, DL5HAQ) QRZ
Germany DL0EJ Pelzerhaken DE0025 Buro  
Germany DL0EL Eckwarden Oberfeuer DE0130 Buro  
Germany DL0EM Campen DE0048 Buro QRZ
Germany DL0EO Eckernfoerde New DE0005 Buro Web
Germany  DL0HGW Cape Arkona Old Tower 200th entry 1 July DE0123 e-QSL, Buro  
Germany DL0LNW Neuwerk Lighthouse. EU-129 DE0016 DE2HJW  
Germany DL0MFH Light Vessel 13, Trinity House DE0019 Buro. (Sunday only) Web
Germany DL0MFK Karnin / Usedom DE0013 Buro or DL2ARH Web
Germany DL0PBS Michaelistrum Papenburg n/a Buro Web
Germany DL0PJ Norderney Island Lighthouse DE0055 Buro  
Germany DL0RWE Old Lighthouse Borkum DE0046 Buro Web
Germany DL0SY Homum DE0104 Buro  
Germany DL0SY List Ost DE0102 Buro  
Germany DL0SY List West DE0103 Buro  
Germany DL0SY Kampen DE0106 Buro  
Germany DL0TO Old Lighthouse Travemunde DE0028 Buro. (Loc JO53KX) Web
Germany DL0UTW Obereversand DE0096 Buro Web
Germany DL0YLM Neuland DE0022 Buro  
Germany DL1SWB Dahmeshoved DE0003 Buro (SSB, 80,40,20)  
Germany DL2ZBV Kamo Karnin Oberfeuer DE0072 e-QSL  
Germany DL3KZA Grabow Oberfeuer and Unterfeuer N/A Direct and buro  
Germany DL7A Falshoeft DE0007 DD9HK (DARC e.V.E33-Die Winsener Funkamateure) Web
Germany DL7AG Ueckermuende Westmole DE0029 e_QSL and direct Web
Germany DL7AVZ Holtenau Nord DE0131 Buro. (Other op DD6ULF) Web
Germany DL7FE Obereversand DE0096 Buro Web
Germany DL7JU Ueckermuende Westmole DE0029 Buro Web
Germany DL7MFK Buk Bastorf DE0001 Buro or direct  
Germany DL7NF Pellworm DE0024 Buro  
Germany DL8MT Lightship "Elbe 1" DE0037 Buro. (Plus DL8HG, DL1IN, DO2IN, DL3ABD)  
Germany DM1SW Wybelsum DE0087 Direct or buro Web
Germany DM2C Moritzburg DE0021 e-QSL, buro Web
Germany DM5C Westmarklesdorf DE0080 Buro Web
Germany DO2IK Pellworm DE0024 Buro only  
Germany DO2TO Kamp Karnin Oberfeuer DE0072 Buro  
Germany DO5TY Ueckermuende Westmole DE0029 e-QSL, buro Web
Germany DO7FIR Ueckermuende Westmole.- DE0029 Buro  
Germany DP5R Geierswalde tower N/A Buro  
Ghana 9G2DX James Town Lighthouse GH0001 LoTW, Web
Ghana 9G2DX Cape St Paul Lighthouse GH0002 LoTW, Web
Gibraltar ZB2LGT Europa Point GI0001 Via GARS, PO Box 292 Gibraltar  
Iceland TF1IRA Knarraros IS0001 Buro  
Ireland EI0CAR Strove Lighthouse IE0011 Buro Web
Ireland EI0SW Old Head of Kinsale IE0007 Buro  
Ireland EI1E Youghal IE0019 EI5KF  
Ireland EI2WRC Hook Head Lighthouse IE0003 Direct via EI3HDB. No buro pls. Web
Isle of Man EI7HDB (temp) Point of Ayre IM0001 Buro  
Israel 4X6ZM Ashdod IL0003 See  
Israel TBA Jaffa IL0001 LoTW or e-QSL only Web
Israel 4Z1DX Stela Maris IL0002  
Israel 4Z1NB Michmoret N/A See  
Italy II1L Lanterna di Genova IT0005 Buro Web
Italy IK4RVG Faro di Porto Garibaldi IT0029 Buro or direct  
Italy IQ3TS Faro della Vittoria (Victory) IT0011 Buro, direct +SASE and Web
Italy IQ4RA Marina di Ravenna / Porto Corsini IT0028 IQ4RA Web
Japan JL1RNH Unoosaki Lighthouse JP0013 JARL buro  
Malaysia (West) 9M4LBJ Bukit Jugra MY0006 Direct to MARTS Web
Malaysia (West) 9M4LHC Tanjung Gelang Lighthouse MY0002 9W2KWI  
Malaysia (West) 9M4LHJ Bukit Segenting Lighthoue MY0008 9W2BUG. (Scout Assoc of Malaysia, Johor) Web
Netherlands PA0XAW Grootte Kaap NL0037 Buro or direct to PA0XAW. (Other op PD1GB)  
Netherlands PA0XAW Lightship  "Radio Waddenzee" NL0047 Buro. (Saturday only)  
Netherlands PA3BIC Ameland Lighthouse NL0032 Buro  
Netherlands PA6LH Egmond aan Zee (Van Speijk Memorial) NL0014 Buro or via web site Web
Netherlands PA6LST Lightship "Texel" NL0006 PI4ADH Web
Netherlands PA6OUD Westhoofd NL0016 PA2CMW  
Netherlands PA6URK Lighthouse Urk NL0013 PA3GNE. (Ops only Saturday)  
Netherlands PA75N Noordwijk NL0009 Buro. (Special call for75 years of liberation) Web
Netherlands PD0FSB Den Oever NL0041 Buro to PD0FSB Web
Netherlands PG7MYA Noord Hinder NL0036 Buro QRZ
Netherlands PH6WAL Westkapelle Low NL0018 Via PI4WAL Web
New Zealand ZL1LIG Cape Reinga NZ0020 ZL1PDT Web
New Zealand ZL6CC Cape Campbell NZ0001 Buro to ZL2KS or direct to PO Box 432 Blenheim NZ  
New Zealand ZL6LH Piha Lighthouse NZ0006 None, cards sent to all in log.  
Norway LA6K Stavneset NO0014 Buro, LoTW, Direct Web
Nth Ireland GB5BL Blackhead Lighthouse UK0032 GI0BJH. (Co Antrim DX Group) Web
Nth Ireland GN0LIX Chaine Memorial Tower EU-115 UK0033 Buro and Web
Nth Ireland MN0GKL Rue point Lighthouse UK0185 e-QSL, direct Web
Nth Ireland MN0GKL Rathlin West Lighthouse UK0217 e-QSL, direct "
Nth Ireland MN0GKL Rathlin East Lighthouse, Low and High UK0055-56 e-QSL, direct "
Portugal CQ0ODX Farol Cabo Carvoeiro PT0002 Buro or direct. (Oeste DX Gang Assoc.)  
Portugal Azores CR2W Ponta do Albarnaz PT0001 HB9CRV, Lotw, REP buro  
Portugal CR5CSV Farol do Cabo de Sao Vicente PT0011 Buro Web
Portugal CR5L Leca/Bon Nova lighthouse PT0025 Via CT1DSV QRZ
Portugal CR6LH Cabo Espichel (See note 4) PT0005 Buro or direct to CT1GZB Web
Portugal CS2LH Farol Cabo Carvoeiro. Cancelled PT0002 Buro, IARU eEURAO Web
Portugal CS5CT Cabo da Roca / Roca's Cape PT0015 REP club and QRZ Web
Portugal CT1MH lighthouse 16 279677 Penedo da Saudade PT0023 Buro or direct  
Portugal Azores CU8AI Farol das Lajes PT0038    
Puerto Rico KP3LH Faro Punta Tuna PR0008 Direct see web site Web
Puerto Rico NP3VI Punta Mulas PR0009 LoTW, e-QSL, direct  
Scotland 2M0ROT The Perch UK0200 e-QSL see web site Web
Scotland GB0CSL Covesea Skerries Light UK0204 Via GM3TKV  
Scotland GB0TNL lighthouse 16 279677 Tarbat Ness Lighthouse UK0151 e-QSL, LoTW, Buro via GM4SUF Web
Scotland GB1DHL Dunnet Head UK0187 e-QSL  
Scotland GB2LBN Barns Ness Lighthouse UK0034 Buro, LoTW, e-QSL, direct to GM4UYZ Web
Scotland GB2LG Mull of Galloway UK0086 LoTW, e-QSL Web
Scotland GB5CWL Cape Wrath Lighthouse UK0229 Via G0PEK. (Cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats and Cape Wrath)  
Scotland GB9UL Ushenish Lighthouse UK0124 (QRP station) Web
Scotland GM4NFI Chanonry Point UK0196 e-QSL, Buro, LoTW QRZ
Scotland GS4AFF Tayport High Tayport West UK0215 Direct, e-QSL, Buro. (Dundee Amateur Radio Club)  
Scotland GS4AAF Tayport Low Tayport East UK0216 Direct, e-QSL, Buro. (Dundee ARC)  
Scotland GS4AAF Buddon Ness High UK0207 Direct, e-QSL, Buro. (Dundee ARC)  
Scotland GS4AAF Buddon Ness Low UK0208 Direct, e-QSL, Buro. (Dundee ARC)  
Scotland MM0IMC Ardrossan Lighthouse UK0089 None. (QRP station)  
South Africa ZS0RR Roman Rock ZA0027 Via QSL Mgr PA2PGU, Rijn 7908 HR Hoogeveen Netherlands Web
South Africa ZS1CRG Cape Hangklip ZA0010 SARL buro. (Cape Radio Group with 5 ops)  
South Africa ZS1CT Green Point. 100th entry ZA0006 Ask op Web
South Africa ZS1OAR Danger Point ZA0005 PO Box 7, Swellendam, 6740, South Africa  
South Africa ZS2B Great Fish Point ZA0024 Buro  
South Africa ZS3VDK North Head Saldanha Bay ZA0029 Buro (Bo Karoo ARC)  
South Africa ZS3ZU South Head Saldanha Bay ZA0031 Buro (Bo Karoo ARC)  
South Africa ZS5D Cooper Lighthouse Bluff ZA0004 Buro oe email Web
South Africa ZS9V Robben Island ZA0008 Via M0OXO Web
Spain EG7SSF Faro De San Sebastian ES0057 Buro Web
Sweden 7S0SFJ Finngrundet SE0013 Buro to SK0QO Web
Sweden 7S6TL Tistlarna Lighthouse SE0026 Buro  
Sweden 8S6NAV Naven SE0017 SM6YRB  
Sweden SK3GK Bona SE0002 Buro Web
Sweden SK6LR Lidkoping SE0047 SK6LR Web
Sweden SK6MA Visingo SE0074 SSA buro Web
Sweden SK7L Segerstad SE0020 Via SK7CA Web
Sweden SK7RN Lange Erik, Olands norras udde SE0011 Buro. ((QRV from EU-037 North point of Oeland Island 21-23 Aug)  
Sweden SM0XMX TBA SE?? Buro, LoTW or ddirect Web
Switzerland HB9ID Rorschach Hafen (Lake Constance) CH0003 Buro Web
Switzerland HB9ILLW Romanshorn Lighthouse CH0004 Buro Web
Turkey TA0S Huseyn Burnu Feneri TR0014 LoTW, e-QSL, direct see  
Uruguay CX1T Cabo Santa Maria UY0004 IK2DUW Web
USA AA5Y Umpqua River lighthouse US0040 Direct see QRZ  
USA AF5NF/MM Lydia Ann-Aransas Pass US0166 1400 Ocean Drive Apt 901A, Corpus Christi, TX 78404. (No SASE necessary)  
USA K1LX Permaquid Point Light US0124 Direct to Lincoln County ARC. K1LX  
USA K2BR Absecon Lighthouse US0001 Direct Web
USA K2R Charlotte-Genesee, Rochester, NY US0101 SASE to W2DST Web
USA K5MDX Biloxi Lighthouse US0097 Direct, LoTW Web
USA K6HYC Angel's Gate US0144 Buro. (Ops MM from next to light)  
USA K6PV Point Vicente Lighthouse Cancelled US0033 Point Vicente ARC, PO Box 2316 Palos Verdes Peninsula CA 90274 Web
USA KC8WIT Marble Head Lighthouse Cancelled US0069, e-QSL  
USA KD8IWS Port Sanilac Lighthouse Cancelled US0241 e-QSL, direct +SASE and return postage via KD8IWS Web
USA KI6MSP Cape Mendocino US0095 Buro Web
USA KM1R Faulkners Island Light US0243 KM1R  
USA KN4DOG Tybee US0074 Direct  
USA N1MHC Ram Island Lighthouse US0242 Direct  
USA N1QLL West Quoddy Head US0041 Direct or buro (Sen SAE, no stamp needed) Web
USA N6AU Cattle Point Light US0212 Direct  
USA N7D New Dungeness US0218 e-QSL  
USA N8L Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater light US0060 e-QSL, LoTW, to KD8DKU Web
USA NI0P Old Point Comfort Lighthouse US0244 Direct, LoTW Web
USA NM8GS Lightship 103 (WLV-526) "Huron" US0229 Direct with SASE pls, see also QRZ. (Ops from ship's radio room)  Web
USA NR5W Alki Point US0100 LoTW. (Joint op withWR5J, West Seattle ARC)  
USA W0LY Michigan City, IN US0079 See  
USA W1QK Avery Point Lighthouse US0190 LoTW Web
USA W1TUK Sankaty Head Light, Nantucket, MA US0135 Direct or Web
USA W2DAR Burnt Coat Harbor, Swan Island, ME US0232 Ask op.  
USA W2GSB Fire Island Lighthouse US0019 GSBARC PO Box 1356 West Babylon 117040 NY Web
USA W2SO Dunkirk Lighthouse, Lake Erie NY US0016 QRZ W2SO. (All bands and modes) Web
USA W5BMC Southwest Reef US0176 None  
USA W7L Heceta Head Lighthouse US0022 LoTW Web
USA W9LY Michigan City IN US0079  
USA W2HAL Hudson Athens Lighthouse US0178 Web
USA W2LGA lighthouse 16 279677 Oswego West Pierhead light US0207 LoTW, e-QSL Web
USA W2QY Old Fort Niagara Lighthouse US0048 W2QYV web site (SASE for outstanding QSL card) Web
USA W7BU Lightship "Columbia" US0055 Ask op  
USA WA2DQL Oak Orchard Harbor US0157 See wb site Web
USA WN8HCV Tawas Point US0247 W8GP  
USA WR5J Alki Point US0100 LoTW. (Joint op wirh NR5W)  
Virgin Islands KP2AD Buck Island VI0001 Direct. (Ops 20 and 40 meters)  
Wales GB1BPL Burry Port Harbour Lighthouse (Note 2) UK0044 Via QSL Mgr, 2W0DSP, buro or direct (UK-SSAE, outside UK add 2USD)  
Wales GB2NPH Nash Point High UK0071 Buro or direct via MW0DHF  
Wales GB2NPL Nash Point Low UK0072 Buro or direct via MW0DHF  

lighthouse 24 279677 = Thank you for your donation this year. Past donations have been acknowledged previously!

Note 1: Lighthouse does not conform to the Guidelines. Marked "n/a". 

Note 2: GB1BPL is a special event station run by the Llanelli Amateur Radio Society. Burry Port Lighthouse is a harbour light with a reflector, and is situated on the west breakwater of the outer harbour. It was built in 1842 and the light consists of a 24ft white painted, stone, circular tower with a black gallery and red lantern. This lighthouse now enables the harbour to accommodate up to 260 boats to be moored safely on floating berths at all states of the tide. Burry Port Harbour Lighthouse also makes up part of the much larger Millennium Coastal Park network in Wales.

Note 3: The light is a working aid to navigation on the Canadian List of Lights #227 and it is the tallest lighthouse in Atlantic Canada. The site is now a Provincial Historic Site of the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador. A permanent call sign has been issued for the lighthouse - VO2MPR. The lighthouse was the location used for the 2020, 2019 and 2006 CQ WW 160m DX Contest by a multi-operator team operating as VO2AC. You may find more information about the lighthouse at

 Note 4: Location: 38º 25',01 N 09º 12',89 W
The Cape Espichel is located in Portugal, in the west of the village of Sesimbra. It is bordered to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean.
The lighthouse Cape Espichel is a Portuguese lighthouse that is located on the cable of the same name. Hexagonal masonry tower and outbuildings. The first construction date of 1430, but the tower acts was just opened in 1790. The support structure has been raised to the lighthouse side by 1900.

Note 5: The Municipality of Gordon/Barrie Island is hosting the Manitoulin Amateur Radio Club ( at Janet Head Lighthouse. The municipality operates the lighthouse as a tourist attraction and the radio club will be promoting their group as well. This will be our first time participating, but members of the radio club participated many years ago.




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